Monday, June 30, 2008

7 DPO and I think I am...

Pregnant... here is why:

Jeff has been feeling sick. He gets dizzy and nauseous and he is convinced that I am pregnant, which is apparently the only logical reason why he feels that way. He has lost appetite... very unlike Jeff. Has had bad headaches AND he has lost his balance a few times. Poor guy!

If I'm not pregnant why is he sick right?

My opinion is: I think he is pregnant since he has symptoms.

Gotta love the man!

But on a serious note. Maybe I am pregnant after all, my boobs look different. I've taken pictures to be able to compare size and color. What do you think? Click here to see pics


  1. Ha ha, if you clicked.. shame on you! =)

  2. I hope this is your month!

    On a sidenote...I'm 7 dpo's as well~ Although DH and I have put TTC on hold for awhile. Regardless, we're cycle buddies! :-D

  3. Andrea,
    Thank you for your positive wishes, and its awesome you are my cycle buddy... love reading your blog! GL when you do start TTC (let me know on the side, since your blog is not about TTC. I'll be throwing buckets of baby dust on you)

  4. LOL you got me there! I clicked to give my opinion now I can't stop laughing.

  5. Oh Shanny, I hope you are pg! Sending good vibes your way!


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