Sunday, June 29, 2008

Happy Birthday Papi!

Today my dad is turning 55 years old!

I wish you could hear him say "today is my birthday" in his cute Spanish accent.... so adorable!

My mom is out of the country so she couldn't celebrate his birthday with him. When she returns we will make sure we cut a cake with the full family present. I hope we don't confuse my dad though, he might wonder what day his birthday really is.... Errr, he is not too good with days or dates... And that's because he is a workaholic. He works with cars (bodywork) and is so focused he doesn't pay attention to dates, lets just say he works on the weekend for fun. The man loves his work, God bless him! We, his kids, took him out to lunch and then he went to Home Depot to shop.(Men and Home Depot!)

Happy Birthday!!!!!!!

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