Thursday, June 26, 2008

And the waiting begins...

...............Once again...............

I'm 3dpo now. I have 11 more days to go and I hope I don't drive Jeff too crazy. I probably will though, but its OK I'm sure he will survive. I have toughen him up over the years so he will be just fine. Me? Not so much. I just want to know already! I guess I'm too impatient.

According to my chart, the day I should test is July 9Th... it would be cool since that's my tiny niece's first birthday. I seriously doubt I will wait that long. The first time I got my BFP I was 11dpo, so I can see myself POAS before Zamari's birthday. Its really nice of my chart to choose her birthday though, isn't it?

And another interesting tidbit.. according to my O day, my due date would be March 16Th, 2009. Why is it interesting? Well because its my other niece's birthday. Hannah will be turning 8 next year, she is Jeff's brother's daughter. I know I could say my brother-in-law's daughter, but which brother-in-law? See? I had to specify.

Lets wait, if we must, and see what happens.....


  1. Good luck, I'm crossing my fingers for you and Jeff.

  2. goog luck shanny but dont be so inpacient at its nice that it falls on your nieces1st birthady hope you can wait

  3. im praying for you


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