Monday, June 23, 2008

Catch that eggie!

Can I tell you about excitement? OK, let me tell you. I POAS this morning, inserted it in my monitor, waited and waited, then it informed me that my fertility jumped from "high" to "peak".

The eggie in the monitor was the most beautiful digital egg I've ever seen!

I never thought that seeing a digital egg formed merely from my pee would make my day. And let me tell you, I had a fantastic day. Nothing and no one could have ruined it even if they tried. I could have hugged strangers and tell them all about my pee's accomplishment, but I didn't think it would impress them so I didn't. Soon though, when my belly is popping they will care, but at that point I'll be tough on them. If they didn't care about the beginning of my pregnancy, why should I be nice? I can always blame my b*tchiness on hormones, but you (Internet) and I know the real deal. Umm, I know I'm talking crazy here... but I have to stay positive and *hope* that I will get pregnant this cycle. Yes, just like all of my others cycles, but this one is different trust me... well actually lets just trust my extra positivity.

Now lets just help Jeff's guys and cheer them along: Photobucket


  1. go go go jeff catch the egg is your time

  2. I'm rooting for you! Let this be your month :-D

  3. Your pee should be very proud of its accomplishments... LMAO
    Good luck this month!


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