Saturday, June 21, 2008

Still waiting

I've had some progress in each "project" I'm working on, but not finished with any of them. Here is what's happened:

1- House: The contract was signed by both parties.Yay! Now we are waiting to get everything ready and move on to closing. That's going to probably take a while.
2- Birthdays: Today we went to Josh's birthday party in New Jersey and had a great time with Jeff's side of the family. Now for my side of the family, I'm making a flan to take to Anali's birthday party tomorrow.
3- Exercise: Errr... not too much of that happening this week since we've been running around with the whole house contract thing and also the babydancing.... actually I change that answer, I think sexercise counts, no?
4- Sex and the City- We did go to see the movie on Tuesday, but it was packed so I haven't seen it yet. The only seats available were at the front row and I was not having that. I have to wait for that too =(

5- Ovulation: I've been on "high" for fertility for a few days now, but I'm still waiting to actually reach "peak" and then finally O.

On the last one, I'd personally like to blame my Clear Blue Fertility Monitor for not "peaking" instead of my own body. Not that I'm choosing sides or anything, but if I get my body angry I might not O at all and we don't want that, do we? Nope! We need that egg to drop and I would appreciate it if it informed my monitor that its dropping tomorrow. (That's just a message for my body in case its reading this).

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  1. Sexercise definitely counts ;-D

    Hope your body cooperates this month and you get some good news in 2 weeks.

    Glad the progress on the house situation is going well.


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