Sunday, June 15, 2008

Upcoming schedule

  1. Work... this is the only downer of the schedule, so I figured I could list it now and get it out of the way. Who in their right mind wants to work in this awesome weather?

  2. Hopefully sign our contract tomorrow... did I mention our offer got accepted for the house? So excited and freaked out!

  3. Pray everything goes as planned with the house.

  4. Hopefully I can finally watch Sex and the City, I'm dying to see it and I heard it was great.

  5. Go present shopping for both my niece and my nephew. My beautiful darling Anali is turning 10 on Sunday and adorable little Josh is turning 4 next Tuesday. Time flies!

  6. Lots of Babydancing!!! Jeff is getting some this week, lucky guy! Then again I'm basing this on usual cycles, my body might still be screwed up, so for this week and maybe next week I'm working on

    As of this weekend, I made sure I had some Margaritas. I'm hoping they are the last I'll have for a long long time, boy I enjoyed them!


  1. GL with the house and the BD! You must watch Sex and the City, I loved it.

  2. hope things work out for you guys...and yea that egg droping thing is funny


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