Monday, June 9, 2008

Family time

This weekend was crazy busy, well at least for my lifestyle anyway. Needless to say: I am tired. Starting from last Thursday when I left home at 7:45 AM and got home around 8:15PM from work, it has been non-stop until now... and I'm drained!

Friday I got up early did the whole work thing and then went to the City at night for my brother-in-law's fun birthday get together at Dave and Busters. We got home around 2:30 AM only for me to get up again at 6:45 AM to go to work on Saturday. I really couldn't get up one minute earlier, I love the snooze button! Got home and got dressed again to go to my cousin's bridal shower... speaking of which I have an interesting-shaped lollipop in my purse.... maybe I could have it later (not sharing!) The women were inside my aunt's house during the entertainment session and the men were having a good time drinking outside. We had fun mingling later and then once again we got home around 2 AM from the shower.

Then on Sunday we woke up around 9:30 AM, we slept in a bit and it felt good! We had some coffee and had various conversations regarding our future plans, you probably think our future baby and you are kinda right.... but not quite. Its something for the baby. We are now looking at houses, and we were trying to make some decisions. A few hours flew by talking about this, and OMG its exciting and stressful! Then out of the blue my door bell rings, and it was my parents who came to visit. It was right on time because I had just started making lunch, super sense I tell ya! Then about 30 minutes later the door bell rings again and it was Jeff's mom. We had a lovely afternoon with our parents. I should mention that we rarely get visitors since we live a little further away from our families, but it was a nice surprise to have both our parents show up. It was good too since they hadn't seen each other in a while. After my parents left around 4PM we watched some TV with my mother-in-law, and then went out to dinner, movie and ice cream. We ended up going to bed around midnight after she left. Why? because both needed some Internet time for the day. Its just the way it is, no Internet no bed. We are Internet addicts!

Also, since I made a commitment to exercise, it was a bit tricky squeezing in some time for the workout, but I was able to and I'm so proud of me. Good Shanny, such a good girl, good job! (somebody has to pat my back, no?)

We had a busy weekend with both sides of the family, I worked, I worked out, got home way later than usual two nights in a row, and we made a decision on a house. We placed an offer and now we wait, the chances aren't too good though since there are other's fighting for it (bastards!). And now that I've had my internet time (don't have access at work) I think I'm ready to crash. See ya!

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