Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Toilet In the Room?

You know that beautiful piece that's used as decoration? The toilet....

Actually, the two toilets.

Yeah, real big conversation pieces. Right in my entrance, next to my dining room table. There they are.... just chilling like two villains. Need one? A broken one maybe?

Here is the thing: The closing of our first house is right around the corner. Don't ask which corner yet because I'm not sure, either next week or the other. Yay and crap! (no pun intended)

The first thing we need to do is renovate the bathroom. The only bathroom, which now is really outdated and has nasty mold on the ceiling. Ewwww. If we close before the end of the month, we want to be out of here, why pay an extra month of rent right? The bathroom needs to be taken care of ASAP! So, Jeff bought a toilet which came really fast, but its broken. The company acted even faster and sent us another toilet right away. The problem? We get to keep both because there is nothing they can do with a broken toilet so its on us to get rid of it. Grrr. You know, after a long day of work the one thing I want to do is look at the toilets in my apartment. Great... my dream has finally come true!

The good thing is now we have two seats, two lids and two sets of "pump" things... don't know what you call it, but its the part that flushes the water from the tank. If you are confused just go check out your own tank and you'll see the "pump" thing.

Next to the toilets and dining room table you will find a big box. This box contains our new bathroom vanity & faucet and the mirror is just a feet away. Did I mention that all of this is right by the front door? What a welcome! I know you are jealous not to have my awesome design style... BUT if you are very jealous I'm willing to give you one of the toilets.

Which one? That's gonna be a surprise....


  1. I am very particular about my toilets... V.E.R.Y. So yay to renovating your toilet!!! :)

  2. With all that extra seating, you guys should have a party before you move!! :)


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