Sunday, July 13, 2008

Zamari's 1st Birthday!

Her birthday was very nice. She got lots of presents, thank you very much... Just as any real Princess should!

My mom, who does magic and games for kids, got dressed as a fairy and did some cool tricks. The kids loved it! And later in the evening the adults had fun too. We danced a lot considering it was a 1 year old B-day party! Hey, at least everyone had fun =)

Here are some pics (I got the OK from her mommy to post them):

Here is the little Princess:

Zamari playing with her wand:

My mom had my brother do some funny dancing as a clown:

Zammie dancing & clapping while we sang Happy Birthday:

Zammie with her sisters and little cousin:

With Mommy and Daddy:
(look what they did to her tiny face)

Eating her birthday cake:
(Check it out, her mom made the cakes: a regular one & a mini cake for Zammie's chair)

With her Grandparents:

Mom's side

Dad's side

With her aunts:

Mom's side

Dad's side:
(Ignore my nose, thanks)
People say we look like twins, what do you think?

With her little cousin Zaelis:

With her cousin Anali:

With Jeff (her Godfather):

With Jeff and me:
See? Don't we look awesome with a baby?
(That's a hint for God)


  1. Wow! What an awesome birthday party! And two do look great with a baby ;-D

  2. She is precious! Such a cute baby, God bless her. You and your sister are not twins? You do look alike.

    I can't wait to see your baby, you two look good with one in hand. I'll start talking to God on your behalf.

    You seem to have a really nice family.


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