Thursday, July 24, 2008

What kind of blog?

Does it seem like I forgot this was a TTC blog? Kinda…..

Apparently while I’ve been trying to "ignore" my sadness of not being PG yet, I’ve shifted my blog towards my new house. I’ve been in the packing/moving mode and lately I’ve been checking out remodeling and design websites religiously.

I wish I could tell you that I’ve been working out. As of Sunday my elliptical machine is under a few boxes, so needless to say: moving + TTC does not equal exercise. Oops! I am, however, eating more fruits & vegetables and less junk. So at least I’m doing something for my health. I’m still proud of myself though…. somewhat… maybe…… maybe not…

Either way, I’m wondering how interesting it will be to TTC while moving, painting, remodeling and maybe exercising all at the same time. Most likely I will have to give up something during that period of time right? You better believe its not going to be TTC. Umm, I really hope my family is not around helping out when we must must must babydance. It might not be fun for them to wait for us until we are done, will it? Hee hee, O.K. So we’ll figure out another way. (I hope, for their sake!)

If you thought that writing more about the house has nothing to do with my future baby, you are sooo wrong. I mean it’s all about the baby, where else is the baby supposed to live? We need to put a roof over the baby tiny’s head, no?

In short, my blog is about whatever I want it to be. Its about Jeff, our life together, our new house and its all for our future baby…. Or is it’s all about me?


  1. Thanks for listing my blog in your blog roll.

    Seems like we have many similarities... I'm painting, renovating, and TTC at the same time and it doesn't seem like any of those will end anytime soon, lol. Occasionally, my 'life' pops up in my 'renovating' blog too... so be it. Its your blog afterall :)

  2. Wanderluster, you are welcome =)
    I love reading your blog... I get cool ideas from you...I want your kitchen!

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