Monday, September 15, 2008

I'm Cheating on Jeff

For the past week I've had an ongoing affair.

I know I should be ashamed of myself but I'm not. The new Mr. does things for me that Jeff will never EVER do in a million years. Don't go thinking that I'll give you the details either, this is my life and its private.... somewhat... considering I'm telling the whole Internet that I am a lying, cheating, shameless wife.

Before you judge me let me explain myself. My new Mr. is way more handy than Jeff, which now that I am working on the house I've found to be a very sexy trait. The past week was great. Jeff went to work and I was able to spend quality time with my new love. BUT my selfish husband is on vacation this week with me so now I have to find creative ways to hide my affair.

Maybe I'll just come clean with him. Maybe its time that I became Mrs. Clean and not Mrs. Cheater, what do you think? By the way here is his pic:

Oh My God. I love him. I know you think I'm crazy for being in love with Mr. Clean Magic Eraser but you have to try it. I share. My mom taught me to share so I'm being a good girl and sharing a great product. It erases the toughest stains. It saved me money on paint. I no longer have to paint the inside of the closets or my doors. They look sparkling clean thanks to my love affair. My dirty front door now looks new and beautiful.

I love you Mr. Clean, you are awesome!


  1. That Mr. of yours comes in real handy in the bath tub too! ;-)

  2. hi shanny thanks for sharing your love with me he is very helpful.... so now im cheating on your brother in law jaja


  3. I too am in love with Mr. Clean! I think Magic Erasers will be everyone's Christmas presents this year!


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