Saturday, September 13, 2008

Past events...

I have a few things I would like to write about and share pictures of.... the thing is.... I have no way of uploading pics yet. So I decided to write briefly about them.

1-There is a lot of changes in the house but I rather wait for the pictures so you can see the before and after. I think I'm just going to wait until my furniture is in, 'cause at this point what's the difference?

2-Happy belated birthday to my brother Danny!

Not actually belated I did see him on his day... but as far as the blogging world goes it is in fact belated. As he says himself, he just turned 29 years plus 24 months, he is too darn cute! He has the biggest heart and is always there for me when I need him. My sister and I are lucky to have him =)

3-Congratulations to my cousin who got married 2 weeks ago. The same wedding where I got free therapy in form of a glass (I'm not saying what was in the glass). My sister Jenny was a doll and e-mailed me some pics, we have a lot of nice family shots but the only one I could open was this one:

This was after the reception was over and we were getting ready to leave. NO, I wasn't getting fresh with her, I was merely being sweet by putting her shoes on for her. As you can see I did a good job so if anyone wants to hire me to put their shoes on I am looking for a second job. References are available upon request.

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