Friday, October 17, 2008

The beach, The Sun....

Lately I've been dreaming more and more of a nice romantic vacation.

I want to go away and bake in the sun. I want to stare at the beach because I don't really swim in it. The pool yes, the beach not more than 5 minutes per day. I'm not sure why, I just don't enjoy it too much. Its probably the salt. All the sodium makes me bloated. Heehee. Maybe not in this case but that salty water does burn my eyes and I don't like it.

I could deal with chlorine a bit more plus I can stay near the edge. Did I mention I'm not a good swimmer? I know how to, I can, but not too good. I'm just happy Jeff is so tall. He can just reach down and pull me up. He already has experience doing that, he once saved his Mom in a pool by pulling her up so I feel confident. In the beach though, with the current and the uneven floor, and the jelly fishes or whatever I'm not too confident or relaxed. Neither is Jeff with me holding on to him for dear life. I'm a scardy cat.... I know.

Unfortunately we are done with vacations for this year and we didn't do anything because we were concentrating on the house. Um, we still are but with a lot of breaks. Anyway, I can't wait for next year so we can go away. Then again I might not have to wait for too long, this year is flying by very very fast.

I think we might try a cruise. We've never been on a cruise before but hear wonderful things about them. I have really bad motion sickness though so that kinda holds me back. Is it as bad on a big big huge cruise? I wonder. I should just find out. I've thought of getting the motion bands if we ever get on a cruise, I just hope they have nice ones since its going to be in all the pictures (If we ever find the charger and memory card reader). Until then I have to work on getting my passport though, that would probably help. Oh, I will be sharing my past vacation stories soon, including the one where my passport got stolen and I was left stranded in Italy with my Mom. And the one when Jeff almost died. Yes seriously, he almost died. Fun? Not so much.


  1. I think you should go for the cruise! I have been on many, and they are the best bet for your money. My whole family goes on cruises, and they all get motion sickness...but they use the patches and its not that bad! Email me if you want more info...we recently went on a western mediterranean cruise, you can check out pics on my other blog at

    Just scroll down...happy planning!!!

  2. I say go for the cruise too!
    Its great and no, you don't feel the motion while on board. Once you try it you are going to be hooked on it!


  3. Me encanta vacaciones! Tu hablas espanol, corecto?

    Go on the cruise!! =)


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