Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Happy Birthday Jeff!

30-ish years ago my Darling Jeff was born. I'm not saying his age cause apparently he feels old. He needs to get a grip though..... he is not even 35 yet. This counts right? I can say what age he is not. He never specified that I couldn't give a hint of how old he wasn't.

I didn't really plan much. I was going to take him out to a romantic dinner but his Mom wants to eat with us tonight. I couldn't deny her that. She is after all the person who made him for me... and she absolutely insisted on paying for dinner. How could I refuse? Besides, I still have the weekend to celebrate with him.

I hope he can snap out of his sadness and have some fun. Since we heard about our infertile status its been hard to not think about it. Umm, time to ask an old friend to give a hand... a glass or two of wine always seems to help. Not fully but at least momentarily to help him enjoy his birthday. It makes me very sad to see him so down so if I get him really drunk its not exactly on purpose.

I love you Jeff, happy birthday =)

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