Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Obsession, Obsessive, Obsessed

Who? Me? Never.

OK. I confess. Always obsessed is more like it.

Its part of who I am and always will be along with my love for the dramatic. I try balancing my obsessions but that never works out. There is always one that wins and tower above others. Wanna guess which one that is right now? It has to do with vampires =)

I can’t wait for the movie on Friday. Jeff was such a sweetheart and bought the tickets a few weeks ago and will take me on opening night. What an awesome husband! He is taking me to see my vampire crush… well…. he will be there as a chaperone but its still nice. It’s actually a good idea that I go with Jeff anyway, he will make sure I behave myself and not be too wild. Also, he'll be handy if I have the need to bite someone.You never know.

Obsession # 2 happens to be our fertility issues. Tomorrow is our first appointment with the Reproductive Endocrinologist and that’s when all the intensive testing starts… including my feared cat scan. This whole thing is very depressing but lucky for me I’ve had the Twilight series to keep me distracted. See how it all comes down to obsession #1? Very important stuff I tell ya. I owe my sanity to my fantasy romance with a vampire… then again that proves that maybe I’m not that sane.

The last thing on my obsession list: my 28th birthday. (Saturday)

I’m not sure how I feel about it. 28 is young. I know that but my life isn’t where I thought it would be at this point. I have many blessings and for that I am grateful. I have the sweetest husband, a house of our own, and a wonderful family. I’ll get back to you on the health department though; the status is currently on hold. All in all my life is great, I’m just missing a mini me (he or she, whichever). I’m a bit nervous cause this birthday means I’m very close to 30 and I have to start parting ways with my 20’s, I'm getting old. On the other hand I’m excited cause 28 will be the age that I become a Mommy. Right? I hope so anyway, since I'll be working on that obsessively. Whether its the natural or the scientific way I know God will bless us with our own little brat.

OK, back to #1..... I have 2 more days... woohoo! The movie starts at 10 pm and end at midnight so I'll go in being 27 and will come out 28. I'm going to age during a vampire movie. Weird.


  1. Aww! Happy early Birthday! I hope your appt with the RE goes great.

  2. I think it's incredibly ironic that you will age during a vampire movie! haha. But yeah, I got my tickets too! Can't wait. My friend and I are obsessing over it already :)

    I know you feel frustrated with turning another year older and having infertility problems but you are DOING something about it. I think you'll be a mommy way before turning 30...keep your chin up :)

    Let's obsess together after we see the movie, k?!

  3. LOL that you will age during the movie!
    Happy Birthday! Love your blog!


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