Friday, January 9, 2009

4th Betas and sweet unconscious Jeff

Ok here goes:

HCG went from 65.1 to 172
Progesterone went from 17 to 22.7

I'm beginning to feel more hope since my HCG is doubling + like it's supposed to. Maybe I'm one of the lucky girls with low HCG in early pregnancy that can end up with a healthy baby. At least I pray that I am. On the other hand my progesterone number is great. The average is 20 and I'm almost 23, woohoo!!!!

I'm still scared shitless though. I keep praying that my low numbers are not due to ectopic pregnancy. Let me tell you, I have strong heartburn and very sore boobs. The more pain I feel the happier I get. It means something is working =)

I never thought I would be hoping to have morning sickness, but I guess "feeling" is believing? I just see it as a good sign and with these numbers I want them. Um, is it OK that I don't want the puking symptom though? Only because I would hate to puke at work, in front of a lot of people... then again if I puke sometime this week I might want to high five my co-worker lol.

About Jeff

He used to keep me up at night because he either snores or talks or both. Which is why I use ear plugs. When he has something on his mind he will talk about it all night long. With my ear plugs that's no problem. However, last night he found a new way to communicate what was on his mind.

I swear that every hour on the hour he rubbed my back and my stomach, while he was sound asleep. He kept waking me up all night. And I couldn't be mad because I thought it was so sweet. At one point I was laying on my side with my back to him and he couldn't find my belly so he kept poking and searching. I woke up a bit upset and yelled at him and then stayed up feeling guilty about it. He had no clue though. The man was way gone in la la land... I guess dreaming about his baby.


  1. :D It's all good! Keep it up baby.

  2. Congrats on your levels! Keep them going up! Thanks also for your nice post! I appreciate it! Also, if you want to be added to my private section now, send me an email so I can add your address


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