Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Zero it is!

My HCG is finally 0!

It’s ironic how after praying for it to go up and up I’m now ecstatic that it’s 0.
This whole pregnancy is finally over, 4 weeks after everything started going down. Imagine if my numbers were very high, how long would that have taken? OMG!
All I know is that I wouldn’t have had the patience.

My Doctor gave me the OK to start taking my prenatals, my bromocriptine for my prolactine levels, and most importantly I can have alcohol! Yes, I asked. Valentine Day is coming up and I would like to enjoy a glass of wine with Jeff. After all that madness I think I deserve a glass or two. We won’t be trying for a while because its not recommended and believe me I’m not ready anyway. I’ve had enough for a while but I’m glad this is all over with and that I can move on and focus on other things.


  1. Just another small step towards your final destination! :)

    I'm so glad you have a positive spirit. Enjoy the wine and have a great Valentine's day!

  2. So glad to hear that!
    I have a question for you: what has your doctor said in general about alcohol? Is it ok at all while TTC? I find all kinds of very contradictory info online. Want to know what a doctor thinks!
    Thanks so much!

  3. Meg- I was told that once in a while it's ok to have a glass or two of alcoholic drink. If you track your cycle days and know when you ovulate, then its best not to drink during your 2WW. Some girls drink until they get the positive but personally I rather not question any behavior that could possibly be harmful. GL TTC!

  4. Thanks! That totally helps. Has your doc ever said anything about alcohol potentially messing with your hormones/ovulation before ovulation?

  5. Good for you. I hope you can try again soon.

  6. Meg,
    Um, no my Dr. never mentioned anything about that, but I do have ovulation issues because of high prolactin levels so I'm on medication for that. He said it was safe to drink while on it as long as it is moderate. That's a good question though, it's never crossed my mind!

  7. I know how you feel about your levels dropping to 0. That's how I felt about mine with my 2nd m/c. Enjoy Valentine's Day and your glass of wine.

  8. YES you def deserve a glass of wine!!! Enjoy!

  9. I'm really glad to hear that! Enjoy that glass of wine for me :)

  10. Yay!!! I'm so glad to hear your HCG is down to zero!

  11. Yayyyy! So glad you're back to zero :) Just focus on spending time with your fabulous hubby and be good to yourself! Big hugs!!

  12. I'm glad you can focus on moving forward now. Enjoy your Valentine's Day and your wine. You do deserve it.

  13. Hi Shannie,
    Sorry about my comments - I should have started off by saying how sorry I am to hear about your miscarriage :-(
    I too suffered a miscarriage (1 year ago this week) at 10 1/2 weeks. I know how devastating it is...My heart goes out to you.
    Anyhow - rooting for you out here in Seattle!

  14. Hey Meghan,

    I'm glad to help out, with the little I know anyway. I'm also sorry about your miscarriage. It's too sad.

    But I'll be rooting for you in NY =)

  15. I'm really glad you are back to zero and can have a couple glasses of wine! I also am shocked at the irony of hoping the number drop quickly after praying they go up. It is just another cruel thing about pregnancy loss. ::big hugs::


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