Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Let me give you my middle...

Name that is...
Drum roll please.....


So you can see where the Macaroni came in handy as a nickname:

Shanny Sharony Macaroni!

Yup. That's me. Oh my Lord!
I'll be honest when I got married I considered dropping it and keeping my maiden name as the middle.... in which case my initials would have been S.O.S.... that would have been interesting too, but nah. I decided that my names were given to me with lots of love (and creativity), why mess with that?

My names don't make me who I am, but I've been my names for so long that I would have felt that I was losing part of myself. Actually I did feel like I lost my identity when I changed my last name. Or last names I should say. In Venezuela, like in most Spanish countries, we get 4 names: first, middle, father's last name, mother's last name. When you get married you drop your mother's and add your husband's. I already lost 2... who would I have been if I had dropped 3 of them? Didn't want to find out... "Shanny" by herself could have been a Psycho for all I know... (God knows "Shanny" does have those tendencies). By the way, I'm also known as: Ny (pronounced Nee), Shan, and Macs.

In any case today I am Shanny Sharony S. Macaroni, nice to meet you =)


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