Tuesday, May 5, 2009

What A Shanny Hater!

April could not be a bigger biotch to me if she tried harder.

At the beginning of last month I asked dear Ol' April not to fool me with the whole pregnancy thing. You know, like not getting knocked up when I tried or another miscarriage. But no worries, April did her own take on my request. She did not give me AF for the whole month. I can hear her laughing at me calling me a fool.

First, I have my 1st m/c last April. Then when she had the chance to make it up to me this year, cause she owes me a baby, she didn't even have the decensy of giving me my period so that I can try with my new BFF Clomid. Okay, so I have a confession. I had decided not to try because 1- I'm not emotionally ready yet and 2- I want to fully enjoy my vacation in June before giving it another shot. By that I mean I want to drink all I can, do strenuous activities all I want (like climbing a rock wall) and not worry about a thing. But that didn't mean I shouldn't get AF, did it?

But of course my retarded body couldn't even regulate itself. I mean why right? That would be too easy. This time I blame April though cause I know its not me at all. I just know April is out to get me. Now May on the other hand, she has my back. She gave me my dear period on just her 3rd day... Maybe my anniversary helped out a bit :)... But I finally got my 2nd AF since my m/c in January. I tell you: my body couldn't be stoopider if it tried. Or is it April? Hmm...


  1. Well if it makes you feel better Im on my third cycle since my m/c in November. That right AF hasn't visited me since February. Im hoping may is nice to me like she was to you.

  2. Hopefully you can have a great vaca and then get preggo!

  3. That really sucks, but I'm glad AF finally did show up. I hope you get ku on your vacation!!!

  4. I found you via Wifey. I am so sorry to read about your rough month and struggles. While I do not know the pain and frustration of fertility, I have experienced the pain of miscarriage and I am so very sorry for your losses and hope that you will soon be blessed with healthy baby.


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