Sunday, July 19, 2009

It only takes 30 seconds...

But the power behind it is insane!

For five days I spent 23 hours, 59 minutes and 30 seconds each day concentrating on just one thing: Taking my Clomid pills.

The other 30 secs included opening the bottle carefully so I don't accidentally drop it. Cause who knows? It might affect the effects of it. I then take it out slowly and stare at it like one would stare at a miracle and then I drink up. It takes me the whole rest of the day to think of how exactly I will follow these steps. I'm now done taking them so I can relax a bit more. But of course now I can kick myself for not taking a good amount of crazy glue with my last pill. You know, to make sure it sticks.

Now I have to start monitoring my eggies developments and get my trigger shot to ovulate when they (Dr.'s office) say I should and hope and pray this all works. Because honestly? I don't appreciate having hot flashes and weird cramps for no reason. Not fun.


On a whole other note,

Jeff took me to watch Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince on its first showing at 12:01 am at a theater near us. I was off the next day but poor Jeff had to work. Tough luck, really.... but sacrifices had to be made.

I liked the movie a lot, I though it was really good, it made me laugh out loud, etc, etc..... but I'm a bit disappointed because I felt it was missing something. Though I've made peace with it because I'm sure they will do certain "parts" more justice in the upcoming movies. I found this to be the most different from the book than the other movies and their book's versions. It doesn't upset me, I thought the changes made sense and they captured the important parts. I would love to talk details but I don't want to spoil it for those who haven't seen it. I'll just say this: I hate how they portrayed Harry during the death. It was such a small detail that they really could have done it like the book. Ah well.


  1. Oh how I hate Clomid! There should really be some type of arrangement where you only have to have side effects if it's guaranteed to work, don't you think? :) Fingers crossed!

  2. I hope the Clomid gives you good results this cycle!!!

  3. Good luck with the clomid! May your follicles be huge when you get your u/s so you can get triggered! (I wasn't so lucky :()

    By the way, I totally know what you mean about the Harry Potter ending....aww....disappointing.

  4. Clomid side effects are so bad for some people, for me it got bad after I finished taking all of them. Crossing fingers for you!
    I also thought some parts were disappointing in Harry Potter, like you said the end was the most for me. Very small detail, they should have done it right!

  5. Best of luck with the Clomid! We saw HP this weekend and thought the same thing.

  6. I could have written the post myself! I swear, you spend all day thinking about taking one stupid pill. It's pure craziness. Good luck this cycle with the Clomid, I'll be looking forward to your BFP annoucement!!!

  7. Oh Shanny, I pray it works for you too! Trust the doctors but always trust yourself first! Good luck!

  8. GL Shanny!!! I hope this is your cycle for a super sticky baby!!! Sending you tons of fertilization and sticky baby dust.

  9. Hang in there, Shanny...side effects are no fun but it will be worth it in the end!

  10. LOL at the crazy glue. If only it would work!! GL - I'm keeping up with you and hoping for you!


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