Thursday, July 23, 2009

Maturity here? nah...

My eggies are not mature enough yet.
Neither am I. Nor Jeff.

I went in on Tuesday at day 10 in my cycle for monitoring. I was expecting the nurse to do my ultrasound again but to my surprise my Dr. came to do it instead. I realize that its better when the Dr. does it but its a little weird to have a young male Dr. be the one to use that dildo cam on you. My nerves would appreciate it better if he was older, frankly. Or if it was a woman. Either way its never comfortable having people all up in your "business."

Today I was prepared mentally to have to deal with my Dr. but thankfully I got the nurse. Tomorrow I go again. By next week, my body will have its own routine: get up at 5:20 am (Ok, 5:30... I snooze twice, its my law!), get my legs up and have someone check me out. It's been almost 2 years so when this is over I might not feel normal to keep my private parts.... well, private. I'll have to find some way to adjust I guess. And if I can't, at least I have the option of becoming a stripper.

My follicles went like this:
-Right ovary had one. It went from 11mm on Tuesday to 11mm today. And a bunch of smaller ones that stayed the same. So not impressive! Retarded, actually.
-Left ovary had 2. One went from 11mm on Tuesday to 12 1/2 mm today. A bunch of smaller ones stayed the same. BUT the other one went from 13mm to 16mm. Somewhere deep down I have a little level of maturity!

I have to wait for my follicles to mature to at least 18mm for it to be triggered to release my egg. Jeff and I were selfishly hoping that I had two mature eggs so that we can take the easy way out and have twins. Doesn't seem like that is going to happen but we are so proud or our "one 16mm follicle". Which is probably for the best considering we ourselves are not matured enough. Want prove? Well when I was telling Jeff the sizes of my follies, we automatically both said: "Maybe we'll have one big baby and one small one." Real mature of us! lol


  1. LOL
    Sounds like something my husband would say! Even if you know that the one is too small to release the egg you can't help but to have hope. No matter what I wish you the best, grow follie, grow!

    You are funny, at least stripping makes you money so it might be a good idea to consider it if you can't handle covering yourself up :D

  2. Oh gosh....I totally know the feeling. When I went in for my day 12 check last clomid cycle my follicles were only 12mm. Brilliant. :(

    But I like your post, and I love that you and your DH think so alike, lol. :)

    Good luck this cycle!

  3. LOL...that's too funny! You never know about those follies, you could still get two out of those and end up with twins!!!

    And like Cassie said, Stripping makes you money...Bring on the dough!

  4. Sorry the results weren't what you wanted, but glad that there's still hope. It stinks having to be that "open" with all of your private business, but when you do get pregnant, it starts all over again. So, you might as well just get used to it and start planning your future career around it. J/k. You should know that I don't condone stripping! Anyways, I wish you the best!

  5. LOL @ Jeff's comment. That was too funny! You never know with follicles, the growth can be suprising. Maybe you'll still get those twins after all :)
    ::Sending you a bucket load of follicle growth dust::

  6. Wouldn't it be funny if it worked that way?!

  7. Wishing you guys lots of luck!!!!

  8. You are so funny, sweet Shanny! Sorry the results aren't what you wanted or expected...still praying for you guys and cant wait for the BFP!!!! :) Hope you're doing well, sweet friend!

  9. Lol at your maturity!

    Hang in there!


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