Thursday, July 2, 2009

Jeff makes me cry!

I really don’t want to talk negative about him but sometimes you just have to let it out. You know? It’s not something that he does on purpose, I hope, but I’m very sensitive and he tends to do this to me fairly often. It’s always pretty much the same reason why I cry, but the worst part is that he doesn’t even feel guilty about it. What kind of husband does that? He did it to me just last night.

That insensitive little creature rented Grand Torino last night. I mean can you believe him? I cried so much at the end…. Just like I tend to do with all the other movies he gets for us to watch together. I thought it was a really good movie and I do recommend it, though I’m not sure if my eyes agree with me but still. You should see me when we are watching the end of Lord of the Rings and the hobbits are told: "You bow to no one" or something like that, I can hardly take it. Yes we watch it every so often, not as often as the Harry Potters mind you but it always gets me. And yes I also cry with the Harry Potter movies and books.

The sad thing is that it can even be a romantic drama/death free kind of movie but I might still drop a tear or two. And Jeff? He doesn’t laugh or anything but he doesn’t console me either, well not always. But I guess its OK since in a strange way I do feel better after bawling my eyes out. What can I say? I’m an over-sensitive girl!


  1. Ha ha I cry with movies too! My husband always makes fun of me. I cry with the HP movies, I love them! By the way I really though Jeff was being mean to you LOL

  2. Im overly sensitive too lol. I can cry at almost any book or movies and my husband teases me about it too.

  3. I am overly sensitive too! I cry watching movies AND tv shows!!

  4. I cry all the time too (even at Lord of the Rings and HP).

  5. Glad I'm not the only over sensitive girl around here!


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