Friday, September 4, 2009

Am I crazy?

First, a tiny update:
I'm 6 days post iui and I have absolutely no symptoms. I had the occasional cramps the first few days and that was it. I haven't even had any imaginanary symptoms, so I guess I should thank my brain for that.

Now to business:
I wish I could tell you that Jeff and I are spending this Friday night relaxing and brewing a nice little baby, but I can't. I'm home alone probably just brewing gas and Jeff? Well let me tell you where that guy is. He is out at some bar with five girls. Yes, five girls. High school friends he found after God knows how many years on Facebook. And he is the only guy.

You would think I'd be upset,  but surprisingly I'm not. He can hardly handle me so 5 girls will definitley keep him on his toes. I was upset a few weeks ago when he decided that he wanted to work out more often, obviously in my mind it was for them, but instead he gained a pound or 2 so I'm good. He did eventually ask if I wanted to come along, but I decided against it. I figured its better for them to catch up on their own.

The thing is, almost every woman friend I mentioned this to said that I was crazy. They don't understand how it doesn't drive me jealous and they are even more confused as to why I didn't go. Well here is why: I feel confidend in his 2 extra  pounds our relationship and I know he doesn't want to die young. That's all.


  1. You are not jealous? I couldn't do that. I would probably be spying on him!

  2. Whoa 5 girls and your husband, are these girls all ugly? I hope they are otherwise you should be on your way to hang with them. Hold on to your man girl!

  3. I like the "he doesn't want to die young." ;o)
    I don't think your crazy, but am amazed at your level-headedness about the whole thing!

  4. Oh I hope you are one of the lucky women who won't have many symptoms when pregnant, and I'm hoping hoping hoping that this iui worked, good luck.
    Yes, you are crazy :)

  5. I hope no symptoms just means you'll have an easy pregnancy!
    I don't think I'd be particularly freaked about the friends from high school- unless any of them are his exes!

  6. Wow Jeff take it easy there! It's great to have so much trust, but just check his pockets for piece of mind:)

  7. Brewing gas? LMAO
    That's probably what my body does too and I keep thinking I'm having pg symptoms, lol
    I would grill Jeff for all the details of his 1 guy 5 girls night out!

  8. LOL @ brewing gas!!! I'm glad you're not jealous. I wouldn't be either. You have to have trust in your relationship or it will never work out.

    I really hope this is your cycle girl. You can test in like 4 days!!! I can't wait for your BFP post :)


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