Sunday, September 6, 2009

Lookie, Lookie here...

This is what I just got:

My very own Blackberry Tour. Woohoo!!!!!!
I'd like to thank all of you who supported me and kindly "pushed" Jeff into agreeing to get me one. He got one too, that sucker! I'm now officially a "crackberry" owner... and I plan to live up to its name =)
Someone, somewhere should give me some kind of a raise. I'm all corporate in the Internet world now, and surely that deserves an increased paycheck, no?

Thanks Jeff. I knew with some manipulation you would give in and make my dreams come true, I knew you loved me! I knew it! It feels so much better when you prove that love though, heehee.... now I have to go figure out what else I need from you....hmmm....


  1. Woohoo! Go Jeff :) Glad he caved.

  2. Hey, hey now! Go Shanny! Glad you got it :)

  3. Wait a minute, does this make Jeff two faced if he got one too? Ha ha
    Enjoy, it's wonderful!

  4. Yeah! I'm so happy for you and also very jealous, would Jeff have a talk with my husband to help me convince him?
    Not unless he agreed to get it because he felt guilty about leaving you to brew gas alone while he went out with 5 girls? I guess you can let that one go for now since he made up for it nicely :D

  5. Woohoo! I want to see the Tour in person, it looks fantastic! Good for you for convincing him!

  6. Alright Shanny! Have fun with your new toy!

  7. Yay!yay!yay! Have fun with your crackberry!

  8. If I didn't have a blackberry I don't know how I would survive at all. Thank God my company requires me to have one at no cost for me! You'll love it!

  9. jealous!! I want one too!!

    Well done, Jeff. If you'd like to talk to my husband too -- he needs to be convinced! Now.

    Enjoy it! :)


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