Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Pssst, Pssst....I have drugs.... shhhhh!

Because I have a flare for the dramatic, I present to you:

My Stash of Drugs

And you may have noticed the bottle of Tequila,no? Last row on the left.
That would be my "shot" of choice if I could, but nooooo!
Either way, if this darn IVF doesn't work out, trust me, that bottle and me?
We are going to be one. 
And the sad thing is that I have more drugs than that, but the 
 insurance wont approve more than a certain amount at a time, yadi yadi yada
My pic could have been filled with even more drama!

Here is the deal, for those who may be doing IVF in the future and are interested in protocols. And I know I shouldn't be wishing you IVF, but you know? Misery loves company. I kid, I kid! And that's it. From now on, this post gets serious(-ly boring)

I had to write this up because I appreciated finding the very few posts about protocols and if it could help anyone in their obsessive ways, then I'm glad. If not, I'll at least have it for my own reference. I will be doing the:

Birth Control Pill with Lupron Method.

1- Birth Control is taken to suppress the pituitary, to resolve any residual ovarian cyst (which I have), and to allow flexibility in the schedule. I started on day 2 and will take it for 3 weeks. In between, I'm doing the water sono and taking antibiotics.

2- My third week of birth control will be overlapped with the Lupron injections. Its used to further suppress the pituitary in order to prevent ovulation. I have to take it for at least 2 weeks in the mornings between 6 and 9. Then go to work, wonderful.

3- Then I start Menopur injections, I think I overlap it with second week of Lupron, haven't received my detailed calendar yet, and I don't remember. Menopur is a mix of human-follicle stimulating hormone (FSH), and luteinizing hormone (LH) and are responsible for inducing follicles/eggs.

4-I then get to add Gonal-F injections for even more ovarian stimulation. Like menopur, it helps to develop multiple eggs. Lots of ultrasounds around these times. And blood tests.

5- Start the Progesterone Oil shots somewhere here.

6- Get a Novarel shot (HCG) when ultrasound and estrogen levels show my follicles are mature. I will be using Novarel to induce ovulation within 36 hours. Yet another shot.

7- At exactly 35 1/2 hours, I will have my egg retrieval. This is the scariest part, but I will have an IV aneshesia (thank God). A long needle is introduced into the pelvic space through the vagina wall under ultrasound guidance, and eggs aspiration will be done.  Yikes!

8- They do insemination, and/or ICSI (IntraCytoplasmic Sperm Injection) into the eggies and wait for embryo culture.

9- Get embryo transfer, either 3 or 5 days later, depending on their developments.

10- Start Estradiol and progesterone supplements.

11- Wait 2 weeks, and find out if Yay or Nay.


  1. Thank you for listing your protocol. As soon as my period starts, I am supposed to call the office to start the birth control pills. (I'm hoping it comes soon since the office will be closed the week between Christmas and New Years.) How long have you been taking the birth control pills? I'm curious how soon they gave you prescriptions for all the "fun" drugs.

  2. Thinking of you as you start this journey!

  3. This is exactly what I did! Except I did Follistim instead of Menopur. It's really not as overwhelming as it may seem right now. They should lay everything out for you on a calendar. Thinking & praying for you this cycle!!!

  4. Wow! Thanks for the details! I was trying to figure somethings out about ivf cus I have a friend who might do it, but I couldn't find much from actual women, its always the very medical term that have me scratching my head lol

    Th tequila shot would be my choice of shot too :)

  5. As much as I love you, I hope you don't get me to accompany you in your misery: )
    Sounds like a tough plan, good luck my dear! Thanks for freaking me out with all those drugs, by the way!

  6. I can't believe you have to take your injections BEFORE you go in to work! Wow!
    I really hope this is it for you and Jeff!

  7. Wow! That is alot of details. Really hoping this is your time!!

  8. Praying for you, my dear! I hope with all my heart this brings you a little bambino.

  9. I like your special addition to the obligatory drug photo. I wish you the best of luck with this cycle. How exciting that it's time to start! Good luck and we'll be here when it's time for the scary part....

  10. Just reading that makes me scared of all the needles you'll have to deal with. I hope and pray that this ordeal leads to your sticky baby(ies)! *fingers crossed*

  11. Oh my goodness sweetie. You are really going through so much. I know this must be scary for you but stay strong, stay hopeful, stay positive. You have to. Always wishing you the best. xo

  12. So at the end when you say yay or nay, you are talking about the tequila bottle right? Lol
    That's a lot of drugs right there, maybe you should take a shot of the tequila before each injection, I would :)

  13. Thinking and praying for you during this journey friend!

  14. I don't think I could do it, you are brave! All those injections are intimidating. Maybe that's why my eyes went straight to the tequila, it was the first thing I saw lol

    It will all be worth it in the end, hang in there girl :)

  15. Hi Shanny,
    I;m so excited about your meds! This is just the first step towards your dream coming true!

    I am making my blog private and want to invite you to continue to follow. If you are interested, just shoot me an email at musikaite@gmail.com.


  16. Love the tequila!! Haha!! That is awesome :) I sure hope this IVF is IT for you guys!!

  17. Eeek, I am so excited for you! Thanks for sharing your protocol....I might be right behind you. (Typing that just freaked me out.)

    I hope this IVF brings your miracle!!

  18. My fingers are all kinds of crossed and the big guy is hearing my prayers for you sister!

  19. You're gonna need to create a spreadsheet to keep track of all of these meds : )

  20. Wow Shanny that is a crap load of meds!!! Even though its a lot, it will be worth it. I am praying that this is your cycle.

  21. Thinking of you honey. Sure wish you were shooting that tequilla instead :)

  22. It was very overwhelming when I recieved the box of meds. I was like, I have to take all this. what the heck am I doing? But we can do it! Its all worth it. good luck to.

  23. my fingers and TOES are crossed for you!! Thinking of you on this journey!!


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