Monday, December 21, 2009

So You Wanna Get Pregnant?

Start your Birth Control Pills, Duh.

On that note, I’m getting ready to get pregnant!.... by starting my birth control pills tonight. The concept still boggles my mind, but hey! Who am I to question the process? It makes sense when you think about it. Those who have a thousand kids are the ones who were avoiding them to begin with. So I get it, its almost like reverse psychology for my uterus. Good luck with that one Doc, my uterus is not easy to fool cause she is very smart, if I do say so myself. But if you wanna try it, we’ll try it. I have nothing to lose apart from not getting pregnant, which I do (or don’t?) all on my own anyways.

And so it begins……

The info below is for me. You don’t have to read it but if you want to, it’s ok. I understand if you can’t get enough of my thoughts. I can’t either, honestly.

Next week schedule:
Sunday- Blood test.
Monday- Stress Management session. Which I have to pay for out of pocket, but it’s required by clinic. They want me to pay them for managing the stress that they caused in the first place. Bastards only want my money!
Tuesday- IVF Consent signing. – Begin taking Doxycycline, twice a day for 5 days (both of us). Its antibiotics, in case you are still reading.
Wednesday- Time for my water sonogram. I hope it’s in a hot tub because it’s too cold for a pool. Heehee. Ok so that’s not how it works, sue me. I have to have an extremely full bladder before my romantic session with the lovely vag-cam. Then they insert the thing and put the other thing and cause me lots of pains. Then I get to go to work and smile.


  1. Reverse psychology on your uterus? Shanny you are crazy! LoL
    (I read the whole post)

  2. I hope they give you that hot tub so it can be even more romantic with the vag cam! I'm praying for you!

  3. People who avoid have a tbousand kids Shanny? LMAO you are too much! Crossing my fingers for you :)

  4. It is so confusing that you start with BCP to get pregnant with IVF, hope the doc fools your smart uterus!

  5. Sending many good luck vibes your way, my friend!!! I can imagine how stressful and frustrating this whole process must be. You got this! :) Much love!

  6. Fingers crossed for you!! Good luck!

  7. I'm starting B/C soon too...only not for IVF...for a femara cycle. Wish me luck.

    Good luck to you and happy holidays!!!


  8. Read the whole thing. The WHOLE thing!
    I know, amazing right?!
    You keep us posted the whole way through alright!?
    Goodluck with the vag cam!! haha

  9. Wow! This is an amazing idea. I hope and pray for you please please let something deserve this.xo

  10. Very interesting. I can't wait to hear how all of this turns out : )

  11. wow...pills to get preg? I'm guess you're regularing out your cycle?


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