Saturday, January 16, 2010

Redeem Yourself I Say!

Last year this time I was in the hospital. I was nice and drugged up to help with the pain of my ruptured cyst.... and losing that babe.

Funny that exactly one year later my "serious IVF" phase begins. Tonight I start the follistim party. I will be injecting myself Menopur and Gonal F, while continuing Lupron shots in the mornings. My blood work and ultrasound from today went well, my next ones are on Tuesday to see how I'm responding to the good stuff.

So today being the day that it is scares me a bit. I hope its not the beginning of another endless road. In fact, I'm begging January 16th to redeem itself to me. Think it will work?

On a whole different topic, I decided to give in and play the Q&A game that's  going around. If you have any burning questions, though I don't know why you would, ask away!


  1. Come on 1/16 you can make it up to Shanny! This is exciting :)

    Q- Jen or Angelina? Love these q&a's!

  2. Ah- I hope that you have a better day!

    Q- Relaxing night in, or a fancy shmancy night out??

  3. I think Jan 16th, 2010 will kick Jan 16th, 2009 nice and hard for you! I'm keeping positive that it will!

    Yay for Q&A!
    Q- how did you and Jeff meet?
    - would you adopt?

  4. Good luck on everything. I hope this is a start of something great for you guys!! I left you an award on my blog. :)

  5. You must be sad thinking about losing your baby last year around this time, I'm sorry =(
    I do hope that next year you will look back at today's date and have a better outcome from it. January 16th owes you a baby, its time to pay up!

  6. I forgot the Q and A!

    1.Do you share your struggles with friends and family or keep it to yourself?
    2.Is Jeff as funny as you?
    3.Does he mind you airing your life on the Internet?

  7. January 16th is going to redeem itself lady... I can feel it :)

    Onto questions...

    Would you ever dump Jeff so you could marry me and get me into your country?

    Puppies or Kittens? Or do you really like to see them frolicking together?

    Have you ever had a "hater" on your blog before?

    I could totally think of some more but I won't bore you!! lol
    Love ya lady :)

  8. I'll pray for today to redeem itself from last year for you, sorry for the 1 year of your 2nd loss :(

    Let me get down to it,
    Do you speak spanish?
    Who are your favorite authors?

  9. This January 16th is a new beginning, good things will happen!

    Do you have any body art? Piercings, tatoos? Or are you a goody2shoes? You look 2 innocent lol

  10. Love your blog now following!!! I have had cysts all my life! Infact I have 2 now that ive had for 3 months now...they suck! I am hopeful they will go away on their own!

  11. I don't know if this question is insensitive, but have you thought about adopting? Just curious.

  12. This year will only get better! I can feel it!

    I know everyone just wants a healthy baby.... but if you could pick... boy or girl?

  13. You show the 16th who's boss girl. :)
    Q & A-Until you are preggers, what's your favorite adult beverage?

    Why doesn't Jeff start a blog of his own? Men need to read this stuff too!!!

  14. I love reading about your experiences because maybe just maybe if I ever get to the IVF stage ... after this darn mock cycle ... I'll be well prepared thanks to you : )

  15. Sending positive vibes out!! So, how did you meet the hubs?

  16. Shanny,

    I don't know how I missed this post. I'm sorry. I remember last year when you went through your second lost. You are an amazing, strong woman and look at you now...a year later in great spirits on your first cycle of IVF. I have faith this is going to be your cuky cycle.


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