Monday, January 18, 2010

You Had Questions, I Have Answers... Part 1

This might a little long so I'll get straight to it, shall I?
Here we go:

Jen or Angelina?

Jen, Jen, Jen!
Don't get me wrong, I think Angelina is beautiful and talented but I don't appreciate what she did to Jen with Brad. And even if that didn't happen, I would still chose Jennifer Aniston because I'm a huge fan of Friends and therefore loyal to Rachel  Jen. (Whether or not we are on a break.)

Relaxing night in, or a fancy shmancy night out??  

Oh Fancy Shmancy night out for sure...IF it's one of our birthdays or our anniversary, that is. The rest of the time I enjoy being boring and love to relax at home with Jeff or with a good book, either one will do.

- How did you and Jeff meet?

Once upon a time, 7 years ago, I got a new job where a certain flirt worked. He saw me and fell madly and deeply in love. My sarcasm got hold of his precious heart, the poor guy didn't know better, and when he saw my smile....well, I trapped him forever.
That's just the jist of it. You can read the whole thing in this post: Let me take you back to the start. 

1.Do you share your struggles with friends and family or keep it to yourself?

I'm such a private person that I only share with the World Wide Web. That's it, no one else. Even Jeff is lucky to know what's going on with me. He is nosy so there isn't much I can do about it. Serisouly though, I don't talk about it. If my peeps know about my blog, all they gotta do is check to see what's up. I try not to share what's going on with too many people because 1- I don't know how long it will take for us to become parents and 2- Even if I do get pregnant, I have a big chance of miscarrying again.
I don't want to be asked a million times how its going, once in a while its OK. I'm not ashamed I just don't want people to look at me with pity in their eyes everytime they see me. I know my story creates awareness in some ways, but its too much in my heart to talk about it over and over and over again. I write about it, that's how I deal.

2.Is Jeff as funny as you?

Well, he is doing some stand up comedy courses... if that answers your question. If not, then I'll elaborate a little more: No. He wishes, that's why he needs a course.
Having said that, you'll never get me to do stand up. Ever. I'm not good at telling jokes. Jeff is. He is very funny, trust me, I'm his wife. If that seems a little bias to you then help me convince him to share his final stand up with you guys in a few months. And um, if I suddenly stop updating my blog is because he murdered me for putting him on the spot.

3.Does he mind you airing your life on the Internet?

I dunno, I never asked.
Are you trying to ge me in trouble? Let him think he has some say in this? Stop it Samantha, Stop it! And Jeff, ignore her. She is just being silly.

1-Would you ever dump Jeff so you could marry me and get me into your country?

Absolutely. But we'll have to do it in Canada cause its still illegal in NY for same sex marriage, they just don't understand ya know? And before you jump up and down, let me warn you. This is going to put you on Jeff's shit list. The man is stuck on me like a leech. I Can't blame him though, I'm awesome.

2-Puppies or Kittens? Or do you really like to see them frolicking together?

Um, fishies?
We had a kitty and that was wonderful but if we do this whole pet thing again it will definitely be a puppy. Them frolicking together is just for amusement purposes =)

3-Have you ever had a "hater" on your blog before?

 Oh, no I haven't had the pleasure. The closest thing to it was like 3 posts below, someone was disapointed that I shared the awards given to me.  Apparently my title was deceiving, which is weird cause I really am cool. Still, I don't really consider them a hater, he/she did "assume" it was a nice post after all. And honestly, I think I'm too sensitive to have to deal with haters, they might just break my fragile heart.


  1. I love love friends! I have all ten seasons on DVD. :)

  2. Oh and because I was curious I had to check out that comment. What in the world?!

  3. I would chose Jen too! Break or no break, that line is a classic :)
    I checked out when you and Jeff met, glad you have a friendship as a base!

  4. Oh darn, I totally missed the "ask a question" post! But loved reading the answers!! Good luck tomorrow at your ultrasound!

  5. Wow Jeff is doing standup comedy? Impressive, hope we get to see that video! I went back to read that comment too, weird.

  6. I hope Ams doesn't get on Jeff's shit list! LOL
    Loved reading your answers :)

  7. I'm sorry Shanny! I'm stopping my sillyness right now lol
    thanks for being open and honest, I'm always curious as to how much bloggers actually share with their families and friends. I'm glad your writting is your outlet =)

  8. Oh I love Friends too!
    Angelina is gorgeous but I'm also sticking with Jen. And by the way I agree with Ross, they were on a break :D

  9. You are too cute Shanny! Obviously you are funnier if he needs a course lol
    I hope Jeff let's you share his standup with us, I would love to see it :)

  10. Shanny this is great! I missed the questions post :(

    I completely get where yo tu are coming from with not wanting pity from friends and family. Its great to have their support and for them to ask every now and then but not constantly and not with them feeling sorry for you.
    Love how you trapped Jeff =)

  11. I'm a big big Friends fan too, I'll pick Rachel anyday over the husband stealer.
    When you make it over to Canada to marry AMS be sure to invite us to the wedding this way we'll all be on Jeff's shit list together lol
    Hey at least we would be giving him some material for his standup. :D

  12. Ha ha, so that explains the "post removed by administrator" on the awards entry. I was wondering about that one but too lazy to ask! Thanks for clearing that up : )

  13. Haha Michele I actually didn't delete this comment, its still there! The one and only comment ever deleted by me sometime in the past weeks was some bogus comment advertising a certain website for business reviews. Didn't feel like keeping that one so I trashed it =)
    This other one though? I find it amusing.

  14. AHAHAHAHAHAH...*deep breath in*

    That was WAAY to funny. I am diggin your sense of humor. Tell Jeff to keep thy pimp hand strong. Your posts make me laugh so hard. Thank you.

  15. Dear Jeff,

    Please please please still love me even though I want to marry your wife. I am telling you... it will work great for all of us. I am not sure HOW yet, but it's going to!

    Love Ams

    PS - everyone is invited to mine and Shanny's wedding :) WOOT!


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