Tuesday, April 13, 2010

So puking is not sexy?

This morning Jeff had a front row seat to one of my puking attacks. Normally I'm able to do it in private but I guess I didn't want to be lonely this time around. His face was pretty controlled at the moment but when he left for work he said:

"Sorry honey, I love you but I'm not kissing you"

The nerves on that man! =(

Well Jeff, sweetheart, I'm sorry my carrying your two (awesome) kids makes me unsexy, but next time you leave without kissing me the puking will done ON YOU.... only cus I love you too =)


  1. Haha. The nerve!! :) Hope everything is going well, Shanny! You have been in my thoughts and prayers.

  2. Hehe...men are such babies! At the beginning of my 2nd trimester I puked my guts out in a barf bag while Jim was driving my car. He practically had his entire upper body out of the window. This is the same man who rescues people from horrendous car crashes and has elderly people poop on him at work!

  3. LoL
    Shame on Jeff! You should always kiss your wife :)

  4. How dare he? Only men haha
    You four are still in my prayers, good luck on Thursday!

  5. Uh Jeff? Better kiss her before she goes thru with her threat =)

  6. Sorry Jeff, we love you too but if she pukes on you we will be on her side lol

    GL Thursday, everything will be perfect, I know it!

  7. Dear Chichimama,

    I'm sorry for not kissing those soft pukey lips this morning. I should've known better. Probably in many countries it is a privilege and honor to do that, yet I'm an American, a dumb unappreciate husband who just brushed his teeth and was running late for work when you were puking your brains out. I should've been there for you, get your mind off the fact you were blowing chunks, should've made you feel more special...for this I regret my childish reaction.

    But at least I kissed the kids this morning! Doesn't that count for anything???


  8. Hah, too funny!!! And Jeff, kiss your dam wife, puke breath and all she deserves it!!! hahah!

  9. Oh dude. I puked in front of the hubs for a solid 8 months!


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