Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Showering some updates...

1- We had our shower on Saturday!
It was wonderful. I'm completely overwhelmed by the amount of work that was put into it. I don't really know who did what, but I know my Mom, my sister Jenny, my brother Danny, and my sister-in-law Zaira went completely crazy getting things done. I mean a LOT of hard work. And during the shower my aunts worked the guests for us and made sure everyone was fed and having a good time. Thank you guys SO MUCH from the bottom of my womb =). I know I keep saying it but it wont be enough compared to what you guys did for us. Jeff and I really really appreciate it!
I will be posting details and pictures later, I'm waiting to get copies of pics from different sources, thanks Jenny for sending me your set already!

Here is one of us right after being surprised:
*Edited* My mom gave me this shirt, it says:
"Stand back I don't know how BIG this is going to get"

2- I saw the babies this morning!
I have no u/s pics because they were both facing inwards. Little teasers! They are positioned in a "T" shape, baby girl is head down and baby boy is laying across my belly on the top. Their heart rates are great, hers is 140 bpm and his is 133 bpm. And their weights are great too, she weighs 2lb 11oz and he weighs 2lb 8oz, that's over 5lbs of babies in there, go babies, go! Oh, and my cervix continues to be long and closed. Woohoo for that!

3- My house is in much better order!
Apparently you can get things done when you b*tch around on the blog. Sweetheart thank you sooo much!
About a month ago I wrote that my nursery furniture was in the dining room with construction materials, the very same weekend Jeff got working on that. The furniture is in but decoration is still in progress. We have 2 big cribs (given to us by Jeff's best friend and Jeff's brother) and its a small room so we decided to have them share the big convertible one for now. I wasn't willing to compromise storage space to fit both cribs in. Nor do I want to separate them into their own bedrooms yet so their nursery will be what it is.

Here is my nursery in progress:

View from door:
...with lots of sun light...

View from crib's wall:
We tried placing the furniture every which way and this was the best,
Its a little tight but the way its arranged gives us an easy flow.
You can't really see the left side but its a big storage unit and trust me, we'll be making good use of it!

On Friday I complained that the rest of my living space was filled with materials, tools, boxes and that it was driving me bananas because of my nesting needs. Well, Saturday was a busy busy day for Jeff. He moved most of the materials to the office/third bedroom and the rest to the garage and helped me clean the area. And he did it all with a smile while making sure that I wasn't working myself too hard, he gets very concerned that husband of mine. Of course now my dining room is once again filled... but this time with presents from the shower... and I don't even have everything with me yet, some things are still at my parents house. Wanna see? Ok! here you go:

The back is filled with tons of bags... my kiddos are so loved!

4- I get to see the babies in 4D this coming Saturday!
I can't wait to see them again. I just hope they turn their little heads around so that we can get some cool pics. Luckily the place will let us reschedule if we don't get any good shots but I'd like them to cooperate now. We wanna see them!!!


  1. I love the shirt you are wearing at your shower!!

  2. I can't read the shirt other than a couple words. Would you mind posting what it says? Thanks! :)

  3. Look at all that baby loot!!! woo hoo :)

  4. I forgot to write what the shirt says, I edited though....
    It says: Stand back I don't know how BIG this is going to get.

    I wore that for a supposed BBQ but changed into a dress after =)

  5. That's all so great Shanny! That shirt cracks me up. And you (and Jeff) are going to have a fun time finding spots for all of that great baby stuff. :)

  6. Love the shirt! And yay for lots of presents! :) Can't wait to see the 4d ultrasound pictures!

  7. HOLY BABY STUFF!!! Wow:) I love how much light your nursery lets in:)

  8. Wow Shanny..what great stuff!!! You and your kiddos are so loved! That is so exciting...your nursury looks great. looks like you have all the esentials!!

  9. wow! u have been busy!! cant wait to see more shower pics! and wow for so many gifts!!!

  10. Dang girl, you racked up! Glad you had such a great shower! So happy for you!!!

  11. Shanny, thanks for asking about my retrieval/transfer. I think I'm not talking about it because I'm a crazy Superstitious Jew. I'm terrified I'll jinx somethng. The transfer was yesterday. There was one really great embroyo and one almost great but not as big embroyo to transfer. The process (as you know) was quick and mostly painless but the progestrone shots are kicking me. I'm on my second day of bedrest and loving it. Found out today there were 5 egss to freeze. Don't know if that is good or not. On a diff note, not that you need "more" gifts but can you email if/where you are registered? I'd like to send the babies a little something: squawkery@earthlink.net

  12. Oh yaay, I'm so happy you were surprised & you guys have lots to go thru!! Can't wait to see how your nursery comes along! Hopefully your babes cooperate on Saturday, I'm trying to decide still when I'll schedule my 3D/4D u/s still.

  13. How fun! And the shirt is great! So happy for you and glad to hear that all is going well!

    Winks & Smiles,

  14. Everything looks so amazing! I am so so happy for you both!


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