Friday, August 13, 2010

The Weight Talk

I am huge... but not the way you think..

My arms and legs are chubby-ish. Unfortunately for me, I can't blame this on the pregnancy. I am all belly. The rest of me is the same as it was before I got pregnant. Which means that my original chubbiness lies intact. Don't get me wrong I'm happy that I'm not gaining weight anywhere else but I'm sad that I wasn't a bit skinnier to begin with, you know, so I can feel better about myself. At least I can blame the extra lbs on infertility treatments, cause really? it isn't my fault, is it?

My belly keeps growing, and growing, and growing. I mean its huge. And all I've gained so far is 20lbs, I did lose and gain several times in the beginning but overall that's my total. I've been the same weight for almost 3 months now. How? I dunno. My belly keeps growing and the babies weights are going up. So here is my thing... does that mean that I'm losing weight? It seems logical to me. If their weight is going up and mine stays the same then I must be losing something somewhere no? I guess I could say God bless the Gestational Diabetes diet! Which even though it keeps me eating all day long its so healthy that its helping me gain only in the belly. Who knew GD could be a good thing? Well, as long as its controlled and not affecting the twins which is my case, otherwise no its not good so don't go begging for it!

Regardless of how I look though, I'm only glad that the babies are gaining their weight accordingly. For a twin pregnancy the average weight gain required is between 40 and 56lbs give or take. Based on that by now I should have gained an extra 30-35lbs but since my doctors are not concerned neither am I. Trust me, I'm pretty content with myself, 20lbs so far doesn't sound too bad. I do worry if its not enough sometimes but there is nothing I can do. I'm already eating 6 times a day, the twins are doing good and so far I've been lucky to avoid insulin and/or any other diabetes medication. What else can a girl ask for? Yes, my belly is huge and full of stretch marks but the rest of me is good to go, woohoo!

That being said, I'm in the last stretch of the pregnancy and this is when the weight piles on.... lets see what happens... the vanity in me is pretty curious...


  1. For what it's worth...I barely gained anything in the last 10 weeks of my pregnancy. I think maybe 2 or 3 lbs...and like you I figured if Eli was growing, then I must be losing weight ;) Hey, it can happen!

  2. Shouldn't you be concerned that you are not gaining weight?

    Sorry, but it seems like you are glad you might be losing weight.

  3. Oh Anonymous you should read the post again.

    I'm not really losing, that part is a joke, I'm stuck at the same weight because of my gestational diabetes diet. And I did say I was concerned a bit except that none of my doctors are because the babies are growing nicely and the diabetes is controlled. Don't forget that the bigger I get the higher the chances of the diabetes affecting the babies health. I don't know about anyone else but I don't want that.

    Also, I'm sure if there was a need or a way for me to gain more weight either the OB, the perinatologist or the diabetes endocrinologist would have told me. But if they think I'm good, then I must be :)

  4. I'm glad that your GD is controlled with no medication and that the babes are growing perfectly! It is an added bonus that you are not gaining too much, if your doctors are happy then no one should question it. You are doing great following your diet, nothing else you can do, keep it up!

  5. All belly is great Shanny! Well we can see that in your pics but only you know for sure, 20lbs is good considering the GD diet. You are doing great!

    Make sure you tell us the total gained in the whole pregnancy, I'm curious too =)

  6. Dear Anonymous:
    You're an effing moron.

    Dear Shanny:
    I think you're doing the very very best you can for the babies... and obviously you know that already!! I think you probably are losing weight (because again, that makes sense if the babies are getting bigger and you're not!!) lol... But more importantly than all of this: I CAN'T BELIEVE THAT THE BABIES BIRTH IS RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER!!!!!!!!!! I can't wait to meet these little monkey's!!!

    Love you lady, and don't let some idiots stupid ANONYMOUS comments bother you. They are jealous of your amazingness ;)

  7. SHanny! I love your huge belly! It is so cute! And you look great, and the fact that you feel great and the doc says you are healthy then you are doing an amazing job!

  8. As long as your doctors aren't concerned, I wouldn't be either. And yes if the babies are growing and you are staying the same weight than you must be losing weight. :) I'm sure the babies will be born and you'll be back to your skinny self! :)

  9. I only gained 6 lbs. in my twin pregnancy, as long as the babies are growing, you are definitely losing weight! 2 months postpartum and I weigh less than I have in about 5 years. Also, the IF/IVF drugs totally pack on the pounds ;)


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