Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Boy/Girl Twin Nursery and belly pic!

Before I get into it let me update you on the 4D scan.
They still didn't cooperate fully. My boy showed his face a few a times and the tech has the images of that, but the girl is still playing hard to get. We'll be going back to try and get her but I think that's our last chance. At that point we'll get the full DVD with both of them with pics. Well that's if she shows her face, if not we'll get his alone. We shall see. Now onto the nursery...

Jeff and I finally had time to decorate the nursery together this past weekend and I decided to share with you guys. I'm not sure how cohesive it is but Jeff wanted the tree with animals and I wanted the monkeys. We have so much more materials for decoration but we had to compromise and do some editing with our ideas. Are we done tweaking? not necessarily yet.. there is one thing for sure that needs to be added. And the organizing has been done! My sister-in-law Zaira came over on Monday and Tuesday and hooked me up with putting everything in their place. Thank you sooo much Z!

Here is an overall view from the glider,
 not too clear because I can't go back too much but you get the idea

The full tree
After they are born we are going to put
their names on the shelves =)

My little monkey girl
My little monkey boy!
(I used different materials from different sources to get it like this)

The changing table area
Jeff added the Owl and Bird
on each side of the window so I might do something in the middle.
 I think it looks too bare in between, what do you think?

And that's it, those are the elements of decor in the nursery. Now we wait until they are born to add their names to the shelves and finally we put the most important part of the whole nursery: the babies!
Please pray that I make it at least 6 more weeks. I'm 30w4days now with a belly that is threatening to explode so I hope it holds up. It already dropped, but you'll see a better pic of that next week =)

Here is my pic of last week at 29 weeks


  1. Your nursery is so cute! I love the monkeys especially not that I'm biased ;). You are looking fantastic and I hope the twins keep baking a little longer.

  2. The nursery is so cute & you look great! Praying that you make it 6 more weeks!!

  3. The nursery is adorable! Perfect for a boy and girl :)

    Stay put for another 6 weeks babies!!

  4. YOU look great!
    The nursery is adorable!
    I can't wait to see the final look with the names on the shelves and the babies in the crib :)

  5. The nursery is the sweetest! I wanna live there!

  6. Wow its perfect for your boy and girl, I like that its neutral with subtle pink and blue. Perfect!

    What is that behind the crib? It looks like a lamp. Their names will look great in the shelves, and it will look so much more beautiful with the babes in the crib. Love it. Oh but hopefully in 6 or more weeks!

  7. 1- too bad they are not shwoing off their cuteness at the 3D scan. I hope the ones you got of him are clear enough and I hope she doesn't hide next time.

    2- I love the final look of the nursery. The tree is beautiful and the monkeys are too adorable, you and hubby had a great compromise!

    3- because its twins I'm praying double that they stay in there until you are at least 36 weeks. My friend had her twin boys at 33 weeks and she was doing fine up until that point. I'm not trying to scare you but its true that things can turn very quickly when carrying multiples. Her boys were in NICU for almost 2 weeks but they are home now. they ar still small but healthy and very playful. She doesn't read your blog but I mentioned you and she said to tell you NOT to do anything but rest. Your job right now is to grow your babies and get help for everything else. So I'm telling you REST, REST, REST!

    4- I can see your belly looks like it dropped from this photo but you look wonderful!

    5- sorry if I sound like I'm preaching, I know you know all this stuff already but I've been following you for so long that I feel i know you and can show I care =)

  8. The nursery looks great....good work!!

  9. Samantha-

    It is a lamp! It's pretty dim lighting that we think looks cute in the background when its on. It has a calming/soothing effect.

    After we put the names I'll post more pics with it on so you guys can see =)

  10. The nursery looks great and so do you!! Praying for another 6 weeks for you! I feel like it's flying might not feel that way though. But seriously didn't you just tell us you were pregnant? :)

  11. I LOVE then nursery - and I think both your ideas go swell together :) Stinkin' cute and I can't wait to find out what names you two have chosen :)

    You look great Shanny... seriously, all belly... and you must feel like you are going to explode soon but you look amazing!

  12. I Love Love your nursery....It is so very cute:) and Girl those babes are turning your round little belly into a torpedo:)

    So happy to hear everthing is still going great:)

  13. Such a cute nursery. The twins are going to love it!

    Stay in there a little while longer babies!

  14. You are looking great!!! And so is the nursery!!!

  15. I love the monkeys! I'm planning a monkey-themed nursery too (for no reason at all, I'm just nursery obsessed after Babes!).


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