Sunday, September 12, 2010

32 & 33 weeks pics

Today I am 34 weeks and 1 day pregnant.
I am hoping to make it 2-3 more weeks, though how I expect to move around.... I don't know, but I'll find a way. Each step I take these days takes a lot out of me and is filled with some pain. Its alright though, nothing excruciating, I can take it!

As long as the babies are growing and doing fine, I'll do my part. Ideally, I want them to make it to at least week 36 to avoid NICU, if I go past that a C-section will be scheduled for the end of week 37 or beginning of week 38... but just in case.... my hospital bag is ready to go. The time is coming, holy crap! This week I have an appt with the OB and I think I'm getting my first internal, I'm anxious about it. I've read about so many twin moms going straight to hospital after their 33rd or 34th week internal that I can't help but hold my breath. I'm thinking I'll be fine and that I have some more time to go. I feel fine, so that's that. Now, I'll just show you some belly pics and continue my bed rest..

32 weeks

33 weeks


  1. Awww you can see the difference from one week to the other, you are looking great :)
    GL at the appointment, you'll get good news don't stress yourself!

  2. LOVE YOU! I can't believe how all belly you are! Your arms and legs look great and you're just adorable. Can't wait to meet those little ones when they're ready to come out!

  3. Shanny!!! I can't believe any day now you are going to be holding your little precious miracles! Praying things keep going well!

  4. Looking good mama! I hope you make it to 36-37 weeks!! So close girl, so close!! Yaaay!

  5. You look great Shanny... that belly is getting so big! I can't believe there are two little people growing in there :) So exciting!
    I really want the babies to stay in... but then I REALLY want the babies to come out in the next 16 days!! And are healthy so I can squish them... do I have permission to do that?!

    (PS we need to make some "plans" for when I come to LI! I will email you later today, and let you know S's address so you can tell me how close I am to you!! I swear I am going to get lost over there!)

  6. Amazing! I can't wait to see those two cuties pies in there!

  7. Ohhh my goodness you are so adorable! Can't wait to see the little ones! Im soo happy for you!

  8. You look wonderful! So happy for you! Take care of you and those little babies.

    Winks & Smiles,

  9. You look fabulous Shanny! I hope the little ones stay in just a little bit longer. Can't believe they're almost here!

  10. I love love love your big bump! Can't believe there are TWO babes in there just about ready to pop out! I can't wait to hear the baby announcement sooon!

  11. Yay 34 weeks!!! How exciting your cuties will be making their grand entrance soon!
    PS: You look great!
    PPS: You know you can "refuse" (such a negative word!) the internal exam... it is your body and the info gathered doesn't really tell you much since you could be 1cm and go into labor an hour later, or 5cm and go another week :o)

  12. Looking good!!!!! Keep those babies baking pretty momma!!! :D


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