Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Babies updates and 4D pics

First, let me tell you about me then I'll move on to the important people. My belly is getting heavier. I can hardly walk or stand for more than a few minutes at a time without my heart/breathing going insane. Well even if I'm sitting, it goes insane so I guess that shouldn't be a surprise. My gestational diabetes is in check, I'm such a good girl with this boring diet that I think I deserve to pat my own back. Go me! I'm also doing a good job with my bed rest, which is actually easy since I have no choice, I'm always always exhausted, I have no energy and I swear sleeping most of the day is still not enough.

In the past 2 days I went to my OB, the Perinatalogist/Maternal Fetal Specialists, and had my Hospital tour and all of that has me totally irritated because not only did it tire me out even more but it interfered with some of my sleeping. At the same time, they all made me very happy because things are looking good. Feeling irritated and happy at the same time is weird, don't try it.

My pressure is good. My weight is good. I'm good. So.... they will see me in 2 weeks. Umm, I'm 32 weeks now... I'm having twins... they should already be seeing me every week... but they are not.
The Maternal Fetal Specialists? They are not any better.
Well, I love them because they checked out the twins yesterday and they said every thing is great with them too. Baby girl weighed 4lbs 5oz and baby boy weighed 3lbs 15oz, he just needed one more ounce, so can I assume that today he is 4lbs? I want to think so. Either way, both are good weights. They are growing wonderfully and I'm so proud of them.

So why aren't they better than the OB? Well because at 32 weeks, when I should be seen every week, they asked me to come back in 3 weeks, umm... I'll be 35 weeks and a half.. are they crazy? The average twin birth happens at 34 weeks. Don't get me wrong, I love that they feel so confident and have soooo much faith in my body... but what about my anxiety? I mean really? They expect to do my first internal when I go back at 34 weeks at my OB's office. Seriously? I get that its a good thing, I do, but did I mention my anxiety? I think they should be checking me just to avoid me giving myself a heart attack. The aches and pains and heaviness of my belly remind me quite often that the time is coming, but they don't care.

My OB actually thought it was strange that since last month, the M.F. specialists aren't seeing me every week... she should talk.. she is not any better is she? Ok, let me stop, I'm actually glad they are all so confident because it makes me feel good about my pregnancy, still anxious but good. The only concern is that one of my waters could break before time. I'm not at risk, my fluids are good, but it can happen to anyone so I have to keep off my feet and keep taking it easy, especially considering my humongous belly and my height.

The Hospital Tour..
It went great. They showed us the different rooms, nursery, etc, etc. But they also took us to the one labor and delivery room they have specifically for twins! I can't believe I saw the actual room where they might be born in, I got a bit emotional to be honest but I'm hormonal so that's OK. This room is a big "maybe" though, its only if its going to be natural birth. Otherwise, it will obviously be a C-section in an OR... which these kids seem to want. They are both still heads up, they've actually been like that for a while now so we just have to wait and see if they decide to turn.

The 4D pics..
Both of them gave us a hard time, we pretty much just got one picture each. His was taken at 30weeks and hers was taken at 32weeks. I don't like that the pics weren't taken on the same day but apparently these kids want to show they are independent of each other already. They are not very clear but its what we got, check them out!

Baby Boy at 30 Weeks 1 Day

Baby girl at 32 Weeks 0 Days


  1. luv my niece & nephew can wait to meet them in person and get hold of those cheeks

    luv Tia jenny

    A.K.A YAYA


  2. lol at previous comment.
    glad everything is going well, great pics!

  3. I can't believe they are waiting so long to see you again! Are you sure they know you are having multiples? Lol its good though, I'm so glad the 3 of you are doing well. Yay!

    Your babies are adorable. I love their cheeks!

  4. Woohoooo for great appointments, the babies do have good weights. I'm so happy for you Shanny! I like that you saw the twin labor room its no wonder you got emotional!

    The 4d pics are great. They are both laying so peacefully on either side of their cheeks awwww :)

  5. Silly doctors. When are they going to learn that we know what's best for our bodies. :) Glad the babies are doing great. They look beautiful!

  6. OMG they are so cute!

    I'm surprised they are not seeing you sooner but like you said its good they feel so confident. 4lbs each is great (I'm rounding his weight up too) =)

  7. What a wonderful preview of their little faces, they are gorgeous :)

  8. The babies are just beautiful!! My word... and I can totally see their features. Gorgeous :)
    That is a little strange that you aren't seeing the dr as frequently - especially GD and your heart?! Hmmmm... but I guess you're right, might as well look at it as a positive thing right? I think?
    Thinking of you and your sleeping self :)

  9. That is odd that they aren't seeing you more often! Did you ask why? I'd be interested to hear their reasoning, esp the MFM.

    As for the "important" ones hehehe, they are CUTIESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! OMG those pics are too cute! LOVE them.

  10. Jen,

    I did ask why they weren't seeing me sooner and that's what I was told. That I'm doing so good they don't feel a need to monitor me more closely. Same answer for OB and MFM =)

  11. Okay I would be a little upset about the lack of seeing you every week and then the specialists saying they will see you in 3 weeks. That is just crazy :)

    They looks so cute in the 4D pictures and I love how good the pictures are. hang in there and soon your arms and your heart will be even fuller!!

  12. I can't wait to see pictures of these little stinkers when they get here (but of course I want them staying in the oven as long as possible!)... I'm so surprised your docs aren't dragging you in more frequently now. But at least that means you're doing well!!! Keep sleeping and're a human greenhouse right now! You need your rest!! :)

  13. This is just amazing! I am so happy to hear how wonderful everything is going!


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