Thursday, October 7, 2010

5 More Days...

..Or really 4 1/2 days until my C-section. It's pure madness!

As of my appointment this past Monday, nothing has changed. We are all good and there was no sign of me dilating, so Tuesday October 12th... here we come. I went from being anxious to being very calm. I don't know how I'll feel come Monday or Tuesday but right now I seem to be in denial. I know whats coming but I'm not ready to run like a chicken without a head.... YET....  let's see how I'll be this weekend. I mean, I am about to be cut opened, I am about to meet my babies, and my life is about to change forever.. no reason to panic, right? Right. I'll just stick to being excited =)

And before I go, here is one of my last pregnancy belly pics at 37w5d:
(I can no longer hold the dresses up to show my belly shape if I want to keep it PG)


  1. You look great! I can't wait to see pics of the lil ones!

  2. You are awesome! Your babies are awesome! And your birth experience will be awesome! Can't wait to hear the good news! :) ((hugs)) and ((belly rubs))

  3. Yaaaaaahhh!!! You are SO CLOSE! Can't wait to see your little bubbies :)

  4. HOLY-KA-MOLEY it's just right around the corner!!! I can't believe it!! EEEEEEEEEK!
    Oh Miss Shanny you have one a spectacular job taking care of those babies while they have been nestled inside you... now you finally get to meet them on the outside! So happy for you my friend!

    (And can't wait to meet the bubs in December!... oh and you too;))

  5. I am SOOOOOO excited for you! I'm still reading and thinking of you often! I'm no longer writing my blog... just couldn't keep up with it, but I'm still thinking of you! I am so excited for you to meet those two miracles! You will be a great mother and they are already so blessed to have you and Jeff as parents.

    Nic :)

  6. you look adorable! i have no idea how you hold that belly up!!! i am so excited for you and wish you lots of luck!!

  7. Gosh Shanny, you look amazing. I'll be thinking of you next week. Lots of love!


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