Monday, February 7, 2011

Corporate America: The Mother Robber!

They took me from my kids today and will continue to do so. Corporate America is EVIL!

*Disclaimer: Dear corporate America I have no real beef with you, my kids do. So please continue to send me paychecks, thank you.

I went back to work today (you already know this because I've been repeating this upcoming event lately) and that's why the world stopped for a second. You felt it didn't you? I know you did. There was a point in time today in which you forgot what you were doing or felt a slight confusion, that was me. That was the impact of me being taken away from my children. Lucky for all involved, I survived, imagine what would have happened with life as we know it if I didn't. Go ahead, you can breathe a sigh of relief. We are all okay, phew!

I had not been working for 7 1/2 months. I had to leave to be on bed rest since my heart was giving out on me (Crazy kids made me love them so much that my heart was on the verge of exploding) and then of course I had time to spend with the babies. I am very lucky and blessed to have been given 4 months to spend with the babies. And that's the thing, I've been on my own with the babies for a long time with not much adult interactions. You would think my co-workers would understand my Noah and Natalia's withdrawal but they didn't. Sure, they know it was hard for me and tried to be supportive but not once did they offer to let me burp them. Not once. The did not do any cooing for me nor did anyone get on their tummy to roll over so I can cheer them on, nope! But they all showed off that they can walk.....big deal, my kids pull themselves up when you hold their hands, ha! I wonder if they'll let me do baby talks to them.. I might try that tomorrow. I girl needs something to get through her day, no?

All in all it was a good first day back.I missed the babies a lot and I may or may not have cried but I survived. Ok, I did cry, one day at a time, right? 50% of the babies were good. Only one child loves me, the other one apparently could care less. Natty cried a bit in the morning and during lunch time. I was actually able to go today to see them during lunch but that was a one time deal. They are replacing the boiler at my job and it would be cold in any of the private areas where I could pump, I'll have to manage tomorrow but today I got a pass =)


  1. I am glad that it wasn't as awful as it could have been! It has got to be hard though!

  2. Aww Shanny you did good :)
    You said she cried a bit but was it an all day cry? I hope not. How did your sister feel about watching twins? I can imagine it would be overwhelming. I hope its easier for you tomorrow, hugs!

    PS you should really baby talk to them tomorrow, it would do you good haha

  3. I can't believe no one offered for you to burp them! What is going on with them? LOL

    Oh, just so you know I did feel the world stop, I'm glad you survived for all our sake LOL

  4. Ha ha Shanny I'm so glad life as we know it is not going to change, yay for survival! I will pray for 100% good behavior tomorrow from the babies. I'm sure they BOTH love you girl, not just the one that cried, Noah knows it would hurt you more if he cried too so he relaxed. If you want in your honor I'll get on my tummy tonight and roll over, you won't see me but can still cheer me on =)

    Its great that they are already pulling up!

  5. Congrats on making it through the day!
    New follower. Cute blog. :)

  6. You made it through day one!!
    I am proud of you my friend... and you can do it.
    It will get easier and easier as the days go by - and you know that they are in a great place and they are happy with your sister!
    Hoping tomorrow is just as successful :)

  7. I was very confused and disoriented today and had trouble finding my words (and that's a very bad thing, considering I am a speech therapist) - but now I know why! It was all in empathy of your first day back to work.

    Congrats on surviving. I've been there, and though my daughter was a year old by that point (one of the perks of living North of the border), it was still rough. It gets easier, though, with time.

  8. Shanny, Congrats on making it through the day! I know it must have been hard, I dread going back to work and leaving Mark too.

    I'm sure Noah loves you too he was just playing the tough guy part and crying on the inside so no one can see.

  9. What a super momma to work through such a tough day with an upbeat attitude:) Dont think you could have handled it any better!!!

  10. Awww...I know how hard it is going back to work. I had to work after my 2nd child was born but he was 14mths old at the time. I live in Canada, here we can stay with our babies for a year. But I`m sure you`ll adapt quickly and your babies will too. You seem to be a great mother. That, in the end, is what counts! Hats off to you!


  11. I love this post! You put a hilarious spin on what I know was a hard day. On my first day back, co-workers kept asking me if it was hard to leave Ariana. Duh! I know they meant well, but there questions made me want to cry more.

    I'll have to ask one of my co-workers tomorrow if he or she will do tummy time for me.
    That way they can make it up to me. Better yet, I can ask one of my students. lol

    The first day is the hardest and it will get better.

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