Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Because what kind of Sister-in-law would I be...

...... If I didn't welcome my very own (sister-in-law) into the bloggy world?

She is awesome.... I mean, that's obvious since she married into my family. Or crazy... you know... same thing really.
She is a fantastic friend.... I'm expecting $5 for this sentence. I dropped it from $10 cause its true.
She is a wonderful mother and wife... this one is just too true, I can't squeeze any money out (darn it!)
She is brutally honest... and I like it! Everyone needs someone like her to tell you like it is. Go find your own person though, this one is mine.
She is incredibly crafty.... don't believe me? check out her Etsy shop... (run over RIGHT NOW! she is having a X-mas in Summer Sale)

So what's her name?
It's Zaira.... but we call her Z for short. Why? because yes.
and you can follow her right here: Withlovebyz.blogspot.com... I even made it clicky for you so no excuses!

So, Z? my darling? WELCOME!
and prepare yourself... I think I found the perfect blogger to pick on here on this lovely Internet world... ready for some cyber fun? (that didn't sound right, I know.. but still)


  1. Awww thanks Ni for the warm welcome to the bloggy world :) . I'm so happy for been part of the family you guys are great. And yes I'm ready to have cyber fun. Let's do this.

  2. Aw you are such a sweet SIL!!

  3. Welcome Z! I checked out your blog, very cute ;)

  4. Is she another one of you? if so I hope the internet can handle it lol


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