Monday, June 11, 2012

They Like To....

I realize it's time I start keeping better track of what these two tiny human beings are up to. For starters, I'll catch up by saying that they are officially 20 months and 3 days old.
Where did the time go? Don't answer that...

And anyway... let's move on.

Miss Natalia and Mr. Noah are very much into dancing. But they cannot dance alone, noooooo... they must get everyone on the dance floor. They pull your toes or your hands and say "Up, up, UUUUUUPPPP" until you get your lazy butt up and shake it.

Noah calls Natalia "Baby."
Never mind the fact that she is two minutes older than him or about 2-3 inches taller than him, nope. She is the baby and that is that.

They love to kiss and hug each other... but only when they want to. Don't you dare try to sneak up on them with a camera or ask them to do it, they just wont. Period.

Noah loves Basketball. He calls it "Basket basket basketball."
And he can dunk the ball in his little basket like Michael Jordan. Ok, well almost.

Natalia is an organizer. She is always setting things in order, she arranges
and rearranges things until they are just perfect.

Noah loves to make the cat's "meow" sound and the dog's "woof, woof."
Natalia loves to make the monkey's "ooo, aaah" and the duck's "quack, quack"

If something bothers Noah or if he does something wrong he blames the baby.

Natalia loves to imitate me when I'm yelling at them. She will start talking gibberish and start pointing her little fingers and saying no and shakes her head and says bad. She especially likes to do this to her grandpa, my Dad.

Noah loves to have "Man time" when his father gets home.
He anxiously waits to go into our bedroom with his Dada to get changed and
Natalia cannot dare look their way. She belongs in the kitchen with her Mama, of course.

The baby, a.k.a. Natalia likes to put her babies (bears) in little baskets
and sets her water bottles in their laps.

They love to call each other out when they are being naughty. They point to the other one and say "Baaaaaad!" And same goes for us, if I deny them something that I'm putting into my mouth and they want oh so badly (like my coffee), they will point to me and say: "Mama baaaad!"

They like saying "My Mama"
I love it.

Also, they best:
They sometimes fight over me, they will both try to climb and sit on me and try to
push each other off while screaming "My mamamama, mine!", "Noo, mine!"
And they kinda try to hit each other (air fight)... and I let them.
I figure, if there is something worth fighting over... it's me. 


  1. How hilarious (and appropriate) that they fight over whose mama you are. It must warm your heart! lol

  2. So cute! can't wait till I have two kids who'll fight over me...;)

  3. So glad you are updating again. Um I totally agree that momma is worth fighting over :)

  4. Love ya, missed ya, oh yeah, I'm pregnant in case you missed it!!!!!!!!!!! :) The babes are gorgeous and they sound like they are just like their mom!


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