Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Not Shanny!!!!

This may be weird, then again I'm weird so maybe its just normal. Why don't you be the judge?
I have this thing, I love my name.... now (I didn't quite like being called "Chani" growing up in Venezuela since they don't have the "Shh" pronunciation) I do appreciate how different it is now, thanks Mom! However.... I hate it when Jeff calls me Shanny.

Why you ask?
I feel like I'm in trouble. Like I am a little girl who did something wrong and is about to be punished. I don't know why... I just do. I hear it coming from his mouth and I think Chit!.. Um, I mean Shit! I'm so used to always being called Baby, Honey, Chichi (cute story behind this one) and Shan by my adorable husband. Just NOT Shanny!
Even when we have one of our stupid fights, mostly because I started it, he doesn't call me by my name. So why on earth must he freak me out 3 times a year and call me Shanny? I think he does it on purpose now. It never fails, I think something is wrong and it is my fault. I can't describe the first few beats my heart gives when he says it, they are strong! (I did say I'm weird). Why do I associate my name being called to something negative? Maybe its because my Mom called me Shanny every time she yelled at me when I was younger. Once again Thanks Mom!, please note the sarcasm this time. Now my husband cannot call me by my name... ever... without me freaking out.

Well maybe only if it comes after an "I love you", but even then I'll probably give him a strange look, which might not be too romantic. The bottom line is that I'm spoiled, I'm used to being called "sweet" names and unless you want me to get a heart attack because you said my name, Jeffrey, please call me anything you want..... just not Shanny!


  1. Omggggg!!! Literally I can completely agree with this post! My husband never ever calls me ashlea and even he died same thing my heart does circles and I retrace everything I've done the last couple days in a matter of seconds! Wtf did I do! Then usually it's something stupid like he can't find the tums-the fabulous life we lead:)

    Love your blog!!!

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