Monday, July 7, 2008

Random thoughts and picture day

Sex and the City

I finally saw it!!!! O.K. so it was a week ago, but I had a lot of things going on so I didn't tell you...


It was beautiful, totally worth the risk of making a movie of the series. I mean..... it could have been really cheesey and bad, it could have had terrible acting, not that any of that would have stopped me from watching it, but that's not the point. I can't give details since I don't want to spoil it for anyone. If you watched the series it will make you tear up within the first 20 minutes. I cried my eyes out.... sniffling included. There was a specific scene with Carrie, Charlotte and Big that made me go ballistic! That was some great acting. It was so touching that when I went to work and talked about it with my co-worker T. we both got teary eyed again. Shame on me I know, but watch it and you will understand. Don't judge me! Jeff didn't go with me to watch it, and quite frankly I feel bad for him. He missed out big time.

In short, this is what I thought of the movie: I LOVED IT!

P.S. Jeff will have to watch it after he buys it for me on DVD and will also love it. I know it. He did after all follow the series with me, you know when he wasn't busy with his MANLY sports.



Oh, I miss you so....

This one is just for kicks. It is my all time favorite TV series. And I feel like I'm cheating on it by talking about Sex and the City. (I'm weird, its as simple as that).

Apparently there is talk about a Friend's movie. I hope its really good if they do go for it. Let me tell you, even if the reviews are bad my behind will be in that movie theater with popcorn and tissue in hand.

To anyone out there who cares: I do not own the series yet...(hint hint)


Little Zamari is turning ONE!!!!!!

My baby niece's first birthday is on Wednesday. We will be having her birthday party on Saturday with a princess theme. By "we" I mean her parents. I'll just show up and make an entrance about 2 hours into the party. I have to work (Work sucks!) =(

Shhhh, don't tell on me... I'm kinda sneaking a pic of her. Its not clear so I think its fine, someone remind me to ask her mommy and daddy if I can show her off please. She was 6-7 months old here:

She loves a mirror already!


On the birthday note....

Tomorrow is my Father-in-law's birthday. We wont see him because he lives 3 hours away, but its OK, he has his lovely wife who will make sure his day is just perfect.


Tomorrow will also be my best friend's birthday. I don't talk much about her because she is a private person. I'll be sneaky and put a picture of her with my other girls kissing Jeff BUT I wont tell you who she is. I'm going to see her tomorrow after a looooong time, yay!

I'll give you a hint: she is wearing red!


And to end: The sad face. My sad face. My sad that I have a sad face face.

It's not really over yet but it is. Even though I wrote a nice letter to AF explaining to her why she should leave me alone, I can feel her coming.

I'm not necessarily sad because this is not my cycle. I'm sad because I just realized that I don't have as much chances as average girls do. I can't get pregnant unless I get my period, the problem is I'm not getting it every month. For the year I've only had 3 periods including m/c and we are in month 7, see the problem? I can't try every month, but every 2-3 months and that alone sucks. My chances are lowered. So I'm sad.

Now let me go wash my face and move on......


  1. Hey.I'm curious...what does your doctor say about your lack of getting a period? Is he doing anything about it (or, do you have a game plan of what to do if it doesn't start being normal in x amount of time)? Looks like you and I are in a similar boat

  2. I just saw the SATC movie too!! I went last week and LOVED it (I know what scene you are referring to also). I didn't mind waiting though and avoiding the crowds.

    And I'm a big big big fan of Friends!

    So sorry about AF being on her way. BUT you don't know for sure so hang in there!


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