Sunday, March 15, 2009

Dah House!

This is a filler post.

I didn't have anything I wanted to write about but I had the urge to post. So I decided to show some pics of the house.... long overdue! I was supposed to do this waaay back when but I'm glad I didn't cause now I have something to say even when I don't have something to say. So there.

We haven't finished renovating yet thanks to these economic times, our busy schedule, and most importantly: our laziness ::bowing head in shame::

The previous owners apparently loved money A LOT, but I don't think they had enough so they painted the WHOLE house in green to compensate. That's what I think anyway cause there really is no need for that much green in any house. The only non-green room was the bathroom. I mean *was* literally.

So here is Dah House...

With trees (and our realtor)

Without trees (and no realtor)

Our backyard

Right angle....

Left angle....


Its a Galley Kitchen... though when we first got it there was only one side to it. We want to remodel the whole kitchen but we have to wait a few years for that. For now we did some easy inexpensive fixes that I can live with..... Here is the before:

Left side.............. Right side
The In-Between period

The After:

I have to paint the brown cabinets white so that it matches but I haven't. That's where that laziness kicked in. I left the curtain on the door cause I have to go buy a new one, I like my privacy so its staying there until I get a replacement. I changed the floor tiles because the old ones were in terrible condition, and the black makes the kitchen look bigger against the white. And see the whole new addition of cabinets? Those are made specifically for garage storage. But we needed something inexpensive and they did the trick.
Please check back in a year or two to see our completely remodeled kitchen. Everything you see right now will be gone. I cannot wait!

The Dining Room

It was used as a fourth bedroom. They liked having kids... didn't have anything to do at night... whatever their reasons for making it a bedroom was not working for us so we broke that wall down.

With the wall up.................... Destruction phase

The After:

We made a passover to the kitchen and let me tell you: It is handy, love it!
Let me clear up that the wall is not plain beige... even if it looks it. I spent 3 days and a lot of sweat to create a Linen look. It has a chocolate colored base and light glaze. Close up it looks like wall paper thanks to the intricate lines I made on it. Pictures unfortunately don't capture the beauty of my hard work =(

The Living Room

This is the only before we have, its from when we first saw the house. (Those are not our furnitures!)

The In-Between

My niece Anali having fun with the primer while Jeff and I blatantly advertise for KFC...

The After:

And if you were wondering what it looked like from in between the dining room passover, here it is. Why were you wondering that? I dunno but I saved you all that wonder.

The second bedroom, a.k.a. the guest room, a.k.a. future nursery...slash Gym

That is not what the room usually looks like....
The bed is an air-bed and is not usually filled with air. We actually have the elliptical and treadmill chillin' side by side. And our weights are usually on the floor hanging out like its nobody's business. Once we finish up the basement the gym will be moved there.

The Third bedroom, a.k.a The Office:

This is my library section cause I'm not illiterate, despite what you may think. And I think I have about 3 more boxes filled with books in the basement. Oh boy.

And this is where Jeff and I lead our Internet lives side by side:

We also have a third laptop in the living room so we can watch TV and lead said life. Whoever gets to the office first gets the main computer, that's where I am now. In your face Jeff!

The Bathroom

It was absolutely disgusting. There was mold everywhere so we had to gut it out and start fresh. I Love it!

Before........................................ During Renovation

Since its difficult to see the details, here are the separate elements:

So what did we do to the only room with no green? We green-ed it up! Silly us =)

Future plans include finishing the basement so that we can move down our Gym and turn it into a play/entertainment room. We are still deciding how to permanently decorate since those are our old furniture pieces and we will also be adding on a sun room in the back of the house. We just have to wait for the right financial time and to kick laziness in the butt.


  1. Very cute! We are renovating our bathroom right now and I hope to have it all done this week. :)

  2. Shanny!! You've done so much work!! It looks great!

  3. Wow! You guys have really done alot. It's beautiful!! I love your style...very nice!!

  4. WOW! It looks great! Gorgeous house!

  5. Nice changes!

    I love the new bathroom.

    I have the exact same dining room table!

    YOu've done a lot of work already. It's okay to take a break.

  6. Love the house! It looks fabulous. And, I did my dining room in a texture, too. It's Ralph Lauren suede. It took forever to do, but I love it.

    Oh, and I dig the side by side set up.

    Winks & Smiles,

  7. I enjoyed my tour! It's too cute!


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