Monday, March 23, 2009

So Messed Up!

Why should a person have to pay $626.06 to lose the baby they wanted so badly?

The hospital sent me a bill for the "visit" I made to them in January. Its due next week. Funny how they are gonna get what's due to them but I wont. I'm not mad at them, I did stay a while and used up their morphine as much as I could. The thing is why won't my insurance cover everything? Okay, so I know our plan & they did pay over $6,000 but isn't it irresponsible of them to send me this kind of bill? I think so. For all they know I'll get all depressed and turn into some kind of psycho on Jeff. Honestly I think its very selfish of them to not care about poor Jeff and my "unhealthy" state of mind. Bastards!

... Noticed how my bill have three 6's in it? It's a work from the devil!.... And if you wonder what the # 2 is, then I'll tell you. It stands for 2 miscarriages. Leave me long enough staring at a punchintheface bill and I'll come up with meanings behind it.... Maybe Jeff should be scared. I may after all have Post-Miscarriage Depression... not that certain institutions would care...


  1. Don't even get me started!
    Try $983 for my miscarriage last February :-(
    I ended up calling the hospital and setting up a $75/month payment plan. Stupid insurance. Stupid hospital.
    Sorry you're dealing with this, it's such a shitty reminder. It's like being kicked while you're down... :-(

  2. That is awful! I am so sorry Shanny! When I had my m/c, they wouldn't perform my D&C unless I paid my stupid co-pay up front. I was livid. It was just $100, but still first you're told you lost your baby and then within the same breath you tell me I have to pay before anything can be done about it? Ugh. I am so sorry you're dealing with this.

  3. Ugh, that sucks. And the 6's? Omg I might refuse to pay it - such bad luck!!

  4. Awww, I'm so sorry Shanny! I hate that for you! So stupid. :(

  5. Messed up indeed! I'm so sorry you have to deal with this.

    I was going to leave a substantive, but I just get too riled up thinking about our own run ins with medical bills. O.M.G. Grrr!!

  6. That is terrible. Can you try calling to negotiate? It may seem weird, but sometimes hospitals will negotiate their bills in hope of getting paid. Also, make sure that is what your insurance says you are responsible for and they are not "back billing" you.

    It just adds insult to injury. I'm so sorry, hon.

  7. That sucks! They really should be more tactful about things. Don't let the devil, ahem, I mean those three 6's get you down.

    Winks & Smiles,


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