Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving =) ........ And special request...

I hope everyone has a wonderful time with their loved ones!

I'm not about to get into listing things I'm thankful for, cause otherwise I'll never finish. What can I say? Im lucky like that :)
I will tell you that I'm a bit disappointed that me, the turkey (by birth month right), am not being bastered this month. I just know that if I was able to have my IUI done this time, it would have soooo worked. After all... the stars are aligned perfectly, ah well. I suppose things happen for a reason. (Very frustrating reasons if you ask me)

On another note, I would like to ask ALL of you who know me in real life to please respect the privacy of this blog. Whether or not I myself gave you the website address or however you found me. This information is personal and private; yeah yeah I know its on the Internet but still.... if you are reading all of my awesome thoughts, then consider yourself privileged heehee. Just don't share what you've read, its not cool. And I would hate to lose my one place where I can let it all out. Can you imagine what I would do to poor Jeff? I mean, the guy is allright.... why make him suffer by upsetting his (wonderful) wife?

And also, no messages on Facebook in regards to my struggles please! Thanks, and welcome (officially)
Feel free to let me know you are on to me.... if you are not too scared of me volunteering you to be my first LAZIK patient =)


  1. I am not sure what it's all about but I am HERE! And I love you, and I respect this journey you are on and I read and that's that!! xo
    Have a very happy thanksgiving... :) *Hugs*

  2. Happy turkey day!
    I hope no one tells your information to others, it would be sad for you to go private or stop writing. We love you :)

  3. I just know it would have worked this month, you being the turkey and getting bastered on turkey month, like you said: ah well. Stupid ovarian cyst!
    Have a great thanksgiving with Jeff =)

  4. Happy Thanksgiving!!! I hope that everything blows over b/c I love reading your blog!

  5. I hope you had a nice thanksgiving!

  6. I'm so glad you have many things to be thankful for Shanny, I'll be praying that next year you'll have an extra little person in your life to give thanks for!

    FYI: going private is not too bad; I had to do it and I won't regret being able to say anything I want and not worry that everyone will know. That being said, you actually haved a message to share with people who go through the same struggles.

    You are an inspiration for anyone that comes across yor blog to keep fighting and never give up.

  7. Happy Thanksgiving Shanny!

    I hope no one in real life shares your information here, I would hate for you to have to go private.

  8. I hope you had a fabulous Thanksgiving! I hope no more drama finds you re: the blog. And I hope you had those cocktails on our bday. Ah ha

  9. I don't personally know you but I've told all my friends about you : ) OK, I'm just kidding, I haven't told anyone about you but I think I am "advertising" your blog on my blog. I hope that's ok????

  10. Happy Turkey day!

    I would hate for you to have to go private, I like checking up on you ;)

  11. Hope you had a great holiday and I really hope no one is abusing your blog because I love it and don't want you to stop writing!=)

  12. I just had a coworker find my blog. not pretty.

    Oh and thanks for the birthday wishes!

  13. I'm not sure how I found you but I'm so happy I did and beyond my prayers for a mini you (or mini Jeff), I try to keep all my blog reading personal and private.

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