Thursday, April 15, 2010

Report straight from my womb

Today's news is better than last.

Not perfect. But better. This will be long...

We met with the genetic counselor and had a long discussion with her. Luckily they received my bloodwork results that test for genetic abnormalities and they were able to give us a better diagnostic possibility in combination with last week's NT scan. Unfortunately its not the best way to get results when carrying twins because there is no way to test the chances individually for them, so what they do is they take the results and split it in the middle. Regardless, I like what I heard.

According to the combined results, which is not conclusive in any one's case, we only have 3-5% chances of something going wrong. We were told that in such large population that its still a BIG chance, but Jeff and I prefer looking at the other 95-97% chances of things being just fine. Of course the only way to get a conclusive report is by doing the CVS at this point but we decided not to do it. I don't want to mess with my babies, what if they are fine (which they are) and I fall in that 1% of cases that does the procedure and causes a miscarriage? Thanks, but no thanks.

I've had enough miscarriages and Jeff and I already decided that we did not want to terminate regardless of the results. They say if we knew something was wrong we can prepare, etc, etc, etc but imagine how much stress and sleepless nights I will have the rest of the pregnancy. I, personally, could not deal. Lots of strong women can deal and prepare for whatever situation comes their way but I can't, all I know is that I trust God and that I will love my babies no matter what so I don't need to drive myself insane.

What we did do was request the 2nd NT scan to see if they agreed with the last one. Both readings were normal THANK GOD. But! we were told that it doesn't change the first reading and that they still have to go by the first one. Hey, as far as I'm concerned that first tech did it incorrectly, she definitely did not do it like today's tech AND its not because we disagreed with her measurements. Its just that we saw what we saw and what we saw was her measuring the space between the baby's neck and the sac. Today's tech did both babies the same way: a little line in between the neck and guess what? They were good measurements so I love this tech, her name is Ana and she is the best! No one can tell me otherwise.

Just to be on the side of precaution, they are testing Jeff and myself for chromosomal abnormalities. If those are not good the babies have 25% chance of inheriting the abnormality, in which case we might decide to do the Amnio to test them for definite results. If our results are good, we are not doing anything. But how disappointing will it be at our ages to find out we are slow? Seriously, right now I rather be ignorant about my lack of brain cells. That's just me though =)

Oh, oh, oh! They are measuring 13 weeks and 4 days and I'm currently 12 weeks and 5 days. Do your thing babies, do your thing!!!!!


I normally wouldn't post on this day but I had to because of my results. I could do it tomorrow but that just makes me a coward.

Today marks 6 years since we lost my 6 year old cousin and I cannot post without mentioning him, which is why I've avoided blogging on April 15th in the past.This is a topic I can't bring myself to ever write about but since I'm posting I must acknowledge him.

We love you Ajay.
You will forever be in our hearts.


  1. I'm with you. That first tech made a mistake. I'm positive your babies are perfectly healthy and doing just fine!

  2. Sounds like great news to me!!!

  3. Shanny and Jeff I know your babies are just fine! This is great news, the first lady was wrong!

  4. I'm so glad the results were normal this time around. I don't understand if they say its normal why do they have to use the bad number? I'm with you guys, I'm ignoring it that first tech was wrong!

    Yay babies! They are measuring nicely!

  5. Whew...I have a feeling the 1st tech was wrong too. I'm like you, if there was something wrong, you wouldn't be able to change it...and I would NOT terminate. We should take what we are given...and you will be given 2 beautiful & healthy babies!

    So sorry about your cousin. Hugs to you...I know this has to be an extremely hard day for you.

  6. I like this 2nd scan so much better! I know its right and I'll keep praying for the rest of the pregnancy to be nice and healthy :)

  7. I'm so glad to read this, I know all the prayers and love will work in your favor. I wouldn't have done the CVS either, not worth the risk with that 95% chance in your favor! Your babies will be perfect, I'm praying for it!

  8. I think you made a great decision! Plus your babies are just fine. As a "mom" your instincts are now fine tuned, and if you thought something was wrong you'd feel that itchy feeling.

    I didn't tell you this before, but they wanted to check my Justin's lungs and did an amnio. If all was well they would induce the next day - the **** Dr hit something and drew blood and they lost his heartbeat. So at 36 weeks 6 days I was rushed into an emerg. c-section. THank God he was fine but I was so traumatized! I kept telling them you better save my baby, it took us so long to have him and we had to do IVF. Just the word amnio now sends me into a panic tail spin!

    I am so happy that everything is showing good results!

  9. I think you are absolutely right on this business... And you guys must do what is right for you guys. I am still praying like a crazy lady :) Momma's instincts are almost right.. you'll figure that out A LOT so go with it. And in the meantime I am thinking of you... :)

    Praying for your family tomorrow also my love! xo

  10. I'm so relieved for you - I have faith that the 2nd NT Scan is the right one!! Sending lots of prayers!

  11. This is great news! I agree that the first tech was a stupid ass and Ana must be right. :) I completely agree with you on not getting the CVS. You're going to love you babies no matter what (especially because we all know they're perfect anyway, right?) and there's really nothing that a test could do except stress you out unnecessarily. Grow babies, grow! We're all out here cheering you on! :)

  12. So glad everything seems so much more positive now. I am believing with you that the first tech did it wrong (which is scary to think) and that everything is okay. You are a strong woman and God will get you through this just as He got you through the infertility. I'm believing on your behalf!

  13. Definitely sounds like great news, and I think you have the best mindset about this! And loving the new tech, sounds like she knew was she was doing and your babies are going to be perfect!! You're in my thoughts hun!!

  14. I just have a feeling that the first lady did it wrong! I'm sooo glad the results and the 2nd scan came back better news. Your babies are going to be beautiful and healthy!! I'm believing with you guys!

  15. That first tech did it wrong...must be. Your bambinos are gonna be beautifully healthy!

  16. I'm glad that this news is better than the last.

    I am also annoyed on your behalf that they told you to think about terminating - I think that should only be given as an OPTION (not a suggestion) and only when there is a KNOWN problem. I feel that it was way to early to say it to you, especially not knowing your feelings about it anyway!

    I'm also very sorry about your cousin.

  17. Great news! Loving your positive attitude. Also, really sorry about your cousin.

    Winks, Love & Smiles,

  18. Will you shoot me an e-mail at I've got a question for you. Smiles!

  19. First off I am very sorry about the lose of your 6 year old cousin.

    Second: I am so, so glad taht the news was better this time and I think that they probably made a mistake with measurements.

    Also I remember after losing our daughter that they decided that we should have every pregnancy checked with an amino after that...and we needed to have our chromosomes checked. We did the chromosomes we are "normal" whatever normal is :) and we decided that we were NOT going to do Amino's it was in the Lord's hands and all has turned out okay or at least the way it should.

    All the best and hang in there..oh and congratulations on getting through the first trimester!!!

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